Jane’s Testimonial: How I avoided Laser Eye Surgery and corrected my eyesight in 2 months


Hi, Jane here…I’ve started wearing glasses for my near-sightedness (myopia) since I was about 6 years old…Then later on in high school, I developed far-sightedness (hyperopia) as well…

So I constantly had to bring 2 different types of glasses with me almost everywhere I went. After I started working, my colleague recommended me to go for laser eye surgery (Lasik) as she had a smooth surgery and didn’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore.

I was seriously considering going for LASIK surgery as well, but somehow the idea of someone cutting into my eyes while I’m wide awake didn’t quite appeal to me (I was very scared actually). I know it’s very safe and the technology has come a long way, but I was a chicken I guess…LOL

Anyway, to cut the story short, I continued to switch between my glasses and contact lenses all these years. The good news is, I stumbled upon this site when googling about what to do to improve my eyesight. It taught me the vision strengthening exercises that I need to do 15 minutes everyday. These were actually techniques invented by Dr. William Bates long time ago, but the ophthalmologists and optometrists don’t really practice it in America, so it’s such a shame.

I also learned that glasses and contact lenses actually ruin our vision in the long run, because it actually prevents our natural body function to correct our eyesight!

I was also quite sceptical about this all natural method, as I was so used to depending on my glasses. However, since the site offers a 60 day money back guarantee and it only cost me $37 for this program, I decided to give it a try since I had nothing to lose!

For the last 2 months, I’ve followed Dr. Bate’s 15-minutes-a-day action plan that literally forces my visual system to work as a cohesive unit to self-correct. I’ve also curbed many of my bad habits that caused my near and far-sightedness in the first place. I’m not perfect, but at least now I know what can worsen my eyesight and I can avoid it if possible.

My eyesight is much better after 2 months (not perfect yet), I’m still doing the exercises everyday and I occassionally need my near-sightedness glasses when reading fine print…but I go about most of the day without my glasses now… And I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through Laser Eye Surgery like my colleague did!

That’s why I highly recommend people like me to try this Dr. Bate’s natural methods, even if you have already scheduled for LASIK surgery.

You’ll also receive 3 bonuses along with the program, which includes a system of formulated eye charts that gauge your visual fitness:

– Classic Eye Chart.
– Interactive Eye Chart Generator.
– Letter Rows & Grid of random tumbling E’s.
– 10 charts for practicing fusion, convergence & divergence.
– Astigmatic Mirror.

Best of all, you’ll also receive unlimited email support from the ophthalmologist once you join the program (You’ll be a member for life). It’s only a one-time-fee of $37 to join, and they’re so confident about their methods that they offer us a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. So it’s no risk on our part to give it a try!

You can join at http://www.CureMyCondition.com/HowToRepairEyesight

This Doctor Bates method applies to almost all visual problems, including how to improve eye sight in patients with the below eye conditions:

Near-Sightedness (Myopia)
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
Cross-Eye (Strabismus)
Macular Degeneration
Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)
Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)
Tension Headache
Light Sensitivity
Poor Night Vision

Learn more and claim your 3 bonuses at http://www.CureMyCondition.com/HowToRepairEyesight
I’d love to hear about your progress too! Feel free to drop me an email at jane@curemycondition.com
With love,

Vision Without Glasses Video Review: Bates method eye exercises for natural vision correction


Watch me purchase Duke Peterson’s Vision Without Glasses live online. Follow me as I go through the product to show you what it’s all about!

Watch my video review below: (Alternatively, you can also watch on Youtube at http://youtu.be/EkxtykEFzvU )

You can also download your copy of Vision Without Glasses at http://eyevision.curemycondition.com/repair-eyesight

One day I discovered the work of Dr. W.H. Bates and it profoundly changed my life and my practice as an optical doctor. It shooked me to the core when I realized:

A) How glasses and contacts are practically guaranteed to ruin your vision over time… (and a little known way to prove it for yourself!)

B) The obvious and overlooked reason why optometrists and doctors are so misinformed and skeptical to Dr. Bates natural vision improvement… (No, it’s NOT a big conspiracy of self-interest and profit like many people seem to think!)

C) Dr. W.H. Bates hidden-in-plain-view secret that speeds up recovery with more than 400% and massively improves Myopia (near-sightedness), Hyperopia (far-sightedness), Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight), macular degeneration, eyestrain, Glaucoma and more within mere weeks of starting the program…

Check out real life testimonials at http://eyevision.curemycondition.com/repair-eyesight

This “Dr. Bates 2.0” method applies to almost all visual problems, including:

Near-Sightedness (Myopia)

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

Cross-Eye (Strabismus)

Macular Degeneration




Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)

Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)



Tension Headache

Light Sensitivity

Poor Night Vision

And More…

Here’s the secret:

After my initial discovery I’ve since spent years developing Dr. Bates original vision improving concepts into a super-charged program that’s bound to make you see sharper and clearer in only a few short weeks.

In Vision Without Glasses™ you’ll discover…

15-minutes-a-day action plan to literally FORCE your entire visual system to work as a cohesive unit to self-correct and promote crystal clear sight and naturally regain perfect 20/20 vision in 1 – 3 months!

The grave mental danger posed by “authoritarian” doctors and optometrists, and a simple 3-second “trick” to brush off their sticky negative influence in a heartbeat… (hint: you want placebo to work in YOUR favor, and not the other way around!)

The proper way to use glasses and contacts without ruining your progress towards the natural state of vision without glasses…

A deadly diagnostic mistake made by most doctors and optometrists concerning the difference between strained and stressed eyesight… and how to correct both ailments from the comfort of your own home!

Fool-proof 60-second relief from headaches and eye strain without drugs, pills, or other harmful chemicals…

The natural confidence enjoyed by people with perfect vision PLUS the knowingness that you’ve mastered something most people would consider “a miracle”…(a young patient jokingly compared it to Clark Kent versus Superman…)

Get the latest updates on vision improvement and eye strengthening exercises at http://eyevision.curemycondition.com/repair-eyesight

Interested In FFSV Options For Anisometropic Amblyopic Patient With a High Cyl

Ok, hopefully this is enough info.

Old Rx (from 3 years ago, patient isn’t very good about coming for yearly exams):
OD: +3.75 -4.75 x 075
OS: -1.25 -0.75 x 118

New Rx:
OD: +3.50 -4.75 x 078
OS: -1.50 -0.75 x 115

BCVA: 20/25

Patient is male, 39, nominal medical history, reported to have worn glasses throughout childhood, but stopped wearing them from adolescence until mid-20’s where he apparently found he could longer compensate without them. History shows that he is a functional myope, records provided from previous OD show that OS sphere was plano as a teenager, OD sphere was +4.75. There is no record of problems with fusion. Patient basically used only his left eye after he stopped wearing corrective lenses due to amblyopic suppression. Binocular vision is reported as problematic and limited. Gross depth perception is acceptable, but fine depth perception appears to be non-existent beyond about 10 feet. Patient reports gross “depth from motion” (that’s what is written in the record, I’ve always called it dynamic depth perception) is acceptable, record indicates patient reported, “I can tell the difference between a ball coming at me that is thrown from 10 feet away or two feet away” but finer function is apparently almost non-existent “I couldn’t tell you, if a ball was coming at me, if it was 6 feet or 4 feet away from me at a given moment” patient also reports “I couldn’t catch a ball if my life depended on it. If someone throws something to me, I have a general idea where it is going to land, but that’s it. Also, if I throw something, I can gauge generally where it will land, but with absolutely no precision or accuracy” Patient reported inability to see anything in “hidden image/Magic Eye books” and has very limited ability to experience 3D movies and television and feels severe eyestrain when doing so.

Let me know if you need anything else, I should be able to provide it.

Quote Originally Posted by Robert Martellaro View Post
The exact Rx would be more helpful. Toss in the old Rx for good measure, and any other history that is pertinent, VAs, age, etc.

Consider contact lenses, with spectacle lenses over as needed.

Best regards,

Robert Martellaro

Record indicates that contact lenses with corrective lenses was discussed with patient, patient declined this option, indicating they had absolutely no interest in it.Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

TEFdoesVisionExpo – Spectaculars

Vision Expo East will open its doors in just days, and to already give you a little sneak peek on the amazing eyewear you will find there, TEF Magazine created some lifestyle photos with some of their exhibitors.

Sophia is wearing The Reggie by Spectaculars. A beautiful round-shaped, unisex style which was inspired by 1930’s vintage frames. Reggie is available in Black, Blonde Tortoise and Olive Tortoise (shown in the photo).

The Spectaculars collection pays tribute to the iconic American classics, with subtle twists to make them our own. Not only do they offer classic black and tortoise colorations, they also create limited edition runs featuring primary colors with pure silk inlays, decors, stones, and leather skins. They maintain certain aspects of handmade production, staying true to time tested techniques and honoring the original American way of manufacturing.

Spectaculars eyewear is still hand crafted using the finest pin rivet hinges and wire temple cores.

About Spectaculars:

Spectaculars is a collection of vintage-inspired eyewear that is handcrafted in America. The collection honors iconic silhouettes from the 1930’s-1970’s, with subtle, modern updates. Spectaculars’ newest collection will be showcased at Vision Expo East in New York at ClearVision Optical’s booth #1621. The two companies partnered last year and their first collaborative collection will be debuted at the show. If you don’t have an entrance ticket yet, you can register here for free!

Source: TEF Magazine
Eyewear: Reggie in Olive Tortoise by Spectaculars
Models: Sophia, optometrist and eyewear blogger at The Monocle Muse

Kala Mid Page

Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

Will Opternative Write an Rx for a Fake Patient?

One of the flaws with online refraction systems (beyond the fact that they aren’t a substitute for a full eye exam) is that it can be difficult – or impossible – to tell who the patient actually is when working with them online. Indeed, issues of identity are serious problems for all sorts of online transactions.

But in this case, it could lead to the writing and filling of fraudulent Rx’s.

An anonymous poster writes of a story where he saw one system – Opternative – write an Rx for a non-existent patient – and even e-mailed a copy of the Rx for use elsewhere.

Read the details of the case here.

What does this mean for the physicians (MDs) who are signing off on these Rx’s?
How is your state responding to internet-based refractions?
New regulations?
Whole-hearted approval?

Weigh in!

Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

Vision Expo East Vendor Discounts for CEwire2019 Participants

Most of the equipment vendors having an active Booth on CEwire2019 have agreed to offer the same discounts as someone visiting their booth at Vision Expo East.

How much of a discount? That will be announced on Friday 3/22/19. Adam will visit each CEwire2019 equipment vendor and learn the discounts. He will stream the information in real time on to ODwire.org.

for those not as yet registered for

www.CEwire2019.com, there is still time to take courses for CE credit which run
through 7/1//19. Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

Annette: -5.25 D Reduced To -1.75 Diopters


It’s been a very video-centric past couple of weeks.  Not only for the freeloader YouTubes, but also the most excellent BackTo20/20 paid member side of things has seen quite a few updates.  In the slow turning cycle that is dealing with all the things that make up endmyopia, a bit of this was quite well due.

And what always seems to get neglected, is the gains updates.

Obviously the best and most important part of endmyopia, being able to demonstrably show how very effective it is to apply sense and science and biology knowledge to the myopia problem.  There is not ONE destination anywhere else on earth, be it online or off, that has anything like our numbers of reducing diopter dependence.

Maybe it’s something in the water.  The holy guru mountain springs.  The Lourdes of eyeguru-dom.

Or maybe let’s just talk about Annette’s two recent Facebook gains updates:

Minor changes, really.

If only there was a way to make a cult around vision improvement.

A tropical island perhaps.  Or a misty mountain range.  A bunch of no-longer-myopic hippie types.  Communal kitchen.  Jake, with about 14 excessively cute girlfriends.

(Why do we not get mainstream attention?  It’s a mystery, really.)

Annette, unrelated to a guru’s ambition for dozens of Rolls Royces and FBI stand-offs, posted another encouraging update as well:

Nobody with -5.25 would enjoy that.

So much of this journey is taking back control over your life.

Not only the most obvious bit about questioning the myopia-illness dogma industry, but also finding time away from screens, actually finding reasons for distance vision, learning about basic biology, learning to trust yourself, keeping track of results, buying your own glasses, and the list goes on.  To get from a -5.25 down to a -1.75 you have to grow on some levels, find independence from authoritarian ideas about vision, go through a whole journey of skepticism, doubt, discovery, and eventually, victory and success.

This is why I like to make obscure jokes about cults and things.  Think transformative experiences, though in this case no actual guru finding ways to capitalize on your escape.

All for the best, really.  You wouldn’t want to see the sort of things your imaginarily bearded majesty is up to.

Go make some 20/20 gains!



Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

Surgical Technician – Kansas City, MO

Surgical Technician – Ophthalmology – Kansas City, MO
Joining our elite surgical team is an excellent career move –
Our team delivers the highest satisfaction rate for surgical accuracy, ease of use, and ranks as the leading eye team in the Nation.
As our surgical technician your role is critical
Your day will include:
– the delivery of cataract equipment to the surgery locations
-Set-up of sterile fields
-Scrubbing-in for cataract procedures including IOL loading
-General circulation duties in the OR
Great news! Living in Joplin or Springfield can work too!
Your job rocks! We have great locations from Hospitals, ASC’s to private surgical suites, then add in our outstanding support staff makes this a treat every day.
This position is a full time opportunity and includes a company vehicle, expenses, and benefits. See your future with awesome medical insurance, 401K, overnight travel as needed, expenses, meals, and cell, then add on the bonuses and compensation for your exceptional talents!
Here’s the fine print, the ideal candidate must have Ophthalmology experience (cataracts preferred), have assisted in Ophthalmology surgical procedures, and maintains certifications as a CST ( certified surgical technician) or can be certified within 60 days.
Ready to join us! Send your resume to charisse@imatters.net, give us a call 866.412.4115 x 700

Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

GPLIwire2017 Starts Now!

ODwire.org is the largest site online specifically designed for Eye Care Professionals.

If you’re interested in practice management or obtaining clinical advice from your peers, you’ve come to the right place.

We feature private forums, discussions, classifieds, webinars, podcasts and more.

The site has over 19,000 clinician members, and have been running the site since 1999!

Join us today!

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Optical Business News Podcast – LOFT NYC 2019









Daniel speaks with Louis Fullagar about the new show space for The Loft Eyewear Show in New York City, March 21-24, 2019

Visit the Loft Website by clicking here

Bevel Banner

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Shout out to NJ OD’s and Others!!

Short answer: States and the political nature of optometry and optometry politics. States are independent. Optometry is regulated. So, as scope changes, new laws and rules come up due to politicking or state board rules. The result is 51 jurisdictions with 51 sets of laws/rules. Some of them are pretty good; some not so much.

Some states ask for new categories based upon perceived or real need.

Medicine runs about 20 years ‘ahead’ of optometry in CE accreditation and mobility concepts. They’ve also had problems, controversies, and politics; it’s messy. But, we see them address flexibility, mobility, compacts, and CME accreditation concepts much sooner. Some of that relates back to open scope and more favorable politics. Much of it is our optometry colleagues. I supported small increments of accredited CE: 15, 30, and 45 min. as well as hour or longer. In this way, the OD learner can get credit for researching a real world problem relating to improved pt care. You’d be amazed at the pushback from optometry. Stunned.

While ARBO and COPE take the heat (that’s life), the etiology lies in archaic state laws, new laws, state board rules, money, and fear of change. Optometry.

I certainly agree that it’s convoluted. I generally favor simplicity and flexibility. Generally. There are exceptions. Some of medicine’s CME has been criticized quite strongly. It’s all a moving target. We will see their CME evolve.

If I was COPE Czar and removed the categories, the individual ODs in each of 51 states would still have to meet 51 laws/rules.

In medicine, MDs in many jurisdictions also need to address mandatory reporting, opioids, ACLS, etc.

Things to do: One: volunteer. Be a COPE Reviewer. Take an interest in our own learning. It’s not a lot of work. Frankly, many speakers don’t take the time to place their course in the proper category. Two: Read. Raise hell with the right people. There’s nothing gained by an OD calling an ARBO staff person to rant when their state board made the rule, their state legislators made the law, and their state association got the law produced. See what I mean?

Practice mx for CE credit is difficult to defend as public protection in this century. I realize that upsets people, but think about it as a patient or legislator. However, teaching a professor how to be a better professor… that should be easy. It’s not. I had Category E (educators) designed. Now, if I can get 51-66 jurisdictions to recognize it…

…and that adds a category.

Many years ago, my ideology would have been ‘let each OD decide what they need.’ And, there’s still merit in some of that. Some. Not all. I was… wrong. F*#k.

The regulated nature (laws), being held to the medical standard of care, the immense resistance and bitterness over no-brainer standards for commercial support (how many state boards, our ODs granted the privilege (not a right) of serving as public protectors, require enforced standards for commercial support?), the fact that physicians are unable to accurately assess their own weaknesses (study after study), few residencies (ours are closer to internship rather than medical residencies), the inane social media posts re DFE, $, if in doubt, send it out, refer CHRPE, etc…. it’s not a public health crisis, but it’s not great.

I’ve had no coffee. Send more questions.

Learn more at http://curemydisorder.com/links/improve-eyesight-tedmaser-site

Alcon’s iLux Treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: First Look

At SECO 2019, we got a first look at Alcon’s new iLux MGD treatment.

(That’s Gretchyn Bailey of Optometry Times asking all the questions & demoing the device!)

Its big calling-card is that it is substantially cheaper than alternative devices, while apparently being therapeutically equivalent.

Read all about it in this thread, and discuss with your peers.


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