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Hi there,

I’m new to adderall XR, too 7 days x 5mg and now I’m at my first day of 7 days x 10mg.

I can’t stand my computer monitor anymore. It’s like the white background of word and stuff is making my vision unable to keep looking at the computer and stuff. Of course, right now, I am using contact lenses without my astigmatism correction because I’m waiting for my new pair of glasses (just did before starting adderall xr). Now I read about pupil dilatation and that I did my glasses and my correction of astigmatism will be wrong….am I overparanoid?

Also, the first 3 days @ 5mg did something, now it doesn’t appear to do anything? tolerance? Today I am on the internet supposed to review a text done by my wife and I’m surfing this site and facebook…bleh…

Can I drink decaf coffee??

thank you