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There are two types of regular and irregular astigmatism with Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses method also differences. Irregular astigmatism can not be corrected with the optical lens, only rigid contact lenses to be effective. The rule astigmatism can be corrected with the optical lens to improve vision. As for improving the degree of visual acuity depends on the degree of astigmatism, the two inversely. Generally mild to moderate astigmatism corrected visual acuity is often up to the normal range, high astigmatism would be difficult to get a good visual acuity, especially in highly hypertrophy astigmatism, hypertrophy nearly clear view can not be dependent regulation was like.

As soon as possible in early childhood is not corrected, the development of visual function subject to certain suppression, such as older only wear corrective glasses, vision correction even worse, tend to moderate myopically. And highly myopic astigmatism is better, although as far unclear, but near vision or better, depending on the features to get some exercise, not completely inhibited, corrected visual acuity better than high hypertrophy, astigmatism, but it should be corrected as soon as possible. High astigmatism corrected early, not only to promote the development of visual function, and object deformation and spatial positioning errors reaction to be small, the patient can accept to a large extent, and easy to adapt.

Astigmatism glasses with the following principles:

(1) 3.00D less positive axis myopic astigmatism, children, adolescents and those can be corrected oblique; young adults who wear proper axial astigmatism glasses, appropriate to reduce the O ? 25D ~ 0.50D, individual axes are oblique axis varies according to its ability to adapt as appropriate by many; hypertrophy astigmatism addition to internal oblique herein should be cut more. More than 3.00D axis hypertrophy astigmatism, children, adolescents and those oblique, appropriate reduction 0.50D ~ 1.00D, oblique axis of individual recipients or hard-axis, then cut some more, to be wearing three to six months to adapt and then give increased; hypertrophy astigmatism should be cut even more; oblique axis, different axis and degrees on the high, although the degree of reduction, the patient auditions, interference with mild symptoms, but in giving prescriptions should say clearly wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses will produce visual distortion and spatial errors and other phenomena, need some time to adapt to the patient to wear, in order to avoid concerns about their world will not wear glasses aside. Some patients previously long-term wear glasses incorrect axial astigmatism, visual acuity improved, because of the error has been adapted glasses, new glasses properly corrected to produce new things like location and spatial error, again, to adapt, often it can not accept, and After wearing glasses need some time to adapt, especially in elderly patients is more prominent.

Generally spherical 1.00D ~ 3.00D, astigmatism 0.25D ~ O.50D who spherical 3.25D ~ 6.00D, astigmatism 0.50 persons, spherical 6.25D ~ 8.00D, 0.75D of astigmatism who 10.00D more spherical, astigmatism 1.00D persons, such as column-plus vision to promote small and ignore the fatigue does not give; those who go beyond the above range, discretionary grant; Some patients with poor sensitivity of the axial difficult to discern, when close to the correct axial give.

To reduce it in degrees, wearing habits completely corrected, the following simple astigmatism can be fully corrected 2.00D, 2.00D or more can reduce it two times corrected; complex astigmatism where less spherical in 3.00D, 0.50D cylinder in the following or ball Mirror in 6.00D or more, more than 0.75D of astigmatism in the mirror ball in 10.00D or more cylinder in 1.00D, who are required to improve vision correction.

(2) Where the physiological low astigmatism who hypertrophy astigmatism is less than +0 ? 5D, the axis 90. , A 0.5D less myopic astigmatism, the axis 180. (Due to the cornea by the upper and lower eyelids pressure, vertical diameter greater than the horizontal curvature between the diameter, the so vertical diameter between Quiz Lining, horizontal diameter inflected weak) generally does not affect vision, and usually do not have to mirror. Such as astigmatism axis has changed, affecting vision or visual fatigue symptoms, although the degree of astigmatism is low, it should be corrected.

Either low or high astigmatism, do not use Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses overreaction, axial must be correct, otherwise the patient will leave the new refractive errors, resulting in unacceptable interference with patient symptoms. Without affecting vision or eliminate symptoms circumstances, astigmatism correction should be low, especially in the higher degree of astigmatism and axial shaft between those who are not, the correction should have reservations, the full correction will make the patient feel things like the size and shape of non-original appearance varies to cause deformation of the spatial location of the error.