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Astigmatism refers to the state in the absence of regulation, parallel light through the eye of the refractive system of inflection, because of the refractive power of the system two different refractive meridians, the focus can not be formed on the retina, called astigmatism.

Astigmatism is divided into regular astigmatism, irregular astigmatism and bifocal oblique astigmatism. Two different refractive power is perpendicular to the main meridian by rule astigmatism; refractive meridian curvature of the interface by irregular astigmatism Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses; two different refractive power by the main meridian intersect obliquely bus oblique astigmatism.

There are many reasons for the formation of astigmatism; astigmatism can be divided into curvature, deviation from the optical center of astigmatism, astigmatism and muscular index astigmatism. The astigmatism clinical manifestation mainly drops for the vision, regards the double image and eye strain and so on.

Population the incidence of astigmatism how much?

According to Ray Ban Wayfarer Polarized glasses survey, 68% of the population has astigmatism, of which about 50% of astigmatism in 0.75D (included) or more. Standards normally 0.75D as obvious astigmatism, astigmatism in degrees of clinical significance of 0.75D and need to correct it in order to achieve good visual correction.

Astigmatism contact lenses advantages?

Ordinary spherical soft contact lenses (SSCL) some degree of astigmatism can be corrected (the smallest tear corrective lens correction circle of confusion), its clinical correction effect depending on the patient’s tolerance may be (first depends on the absolute need to correct astigmatism value, followed by the fact astigmatism is not really been corrected, but the patient can tolerate.

Tonic soft contact Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses (TSCL) can truly achieve full correction of astigmatism, so that patients receive more satisfactory visual acuity.