Bates Method – Improving Dyslexia in Adults – the Unmarked Door

Once upon a time, there was a program developed developed by Dr William H Bates entitled the bates method. It centered around Improving vision naturally, without the use of glasses or contacts, or even expensive surgeries. Bates method aided in improving dyslexia in adults and helping people understand the symptoms of dyslexia.

eye defects
With so many program out there offering anything from improving your vision without the use of glasses, and helping to understand and treat causes of dyslexia – we hope to offer some insights to what these programs are really about and what offers you the best chances of achieving your goals.

With increased activity for the eye such as using the computer and cellphone for long hours, reading, watching TV and other activities that lead to increased pressure on the eyes, all can lead to our eyes becoming, which result to poor vision.

Poor vision is also a contributor to poor vision, but regardless on the reason, our vision can still be improved through natural ways.

Outlined below are ways of improving vision naturally:

A Vision Improving Diet

The eyes require some essential nutrients to function adequately, nutrients which can be obtained through diet. Consider taking foods rich in Vitamins A,C,E, copper and zinc. You could also consider taking foods such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, yellow peppers, dark leafy greens and egg yolks to gain essential antioxidants which will give the macula protection from the sun which has been known to cause damage.
Foods such as garlic, capers and shallots for sulfur, lecithin and cysteine to prevent cataract forming at the eye lens.

Fish has also been shown to improve vision, such fish as mackerel, salmon, cod and sardines have been known to strengthen the cell membrane and enhance the eye’s overall health. With such diet, the vision will definitely show some improvement.

Exercise And The Eyes

Eye Exercises has been shown to have pronounced benefits on improving the eyes and with retinal degeneration, These eye exercises should be done after waking up in the morning and just before retiring to bed.

Palming is a eye exercise that has shown to have profound benefit for vision therapy. The technique is explained briefly as starting off first by rubbing your palms against each other to create heat and place them on your eyes when closed for a few seconds to warm them. Next, roll your eyes by looking up and circle ten times both clockwise and anticlockwise. Hold an object such as a spoon at arm’s length and focus your eyes on it as you slowly move it close to your eyes and further at arm’s length. Keep doing this to the count of ten.

After that, use your thumb knuckles to massage your temples by making small circular motions. Do this twenty times both clockwise and anticlockwise. Do the same between your eyebrows and below the eyes on each side of the nose bridge.

Rest Your Eyes
Rest is also an overlooked concept that is often neglected.

After you are through with the eye exercise, it is now time to rest your eyes by closing them and relaxing with your head put back.
Adopting good sleeping habits is also very important when it comes to improving eyesight. Sleeping allows your eyes to get adequate rest while little sleep tends to weaken the eyes and vision as well.
Also consider resting your eyes for ten minutes per every one hour spent working on a computer or reading a book. Always ensure that you don’t exhaust your eyes at any point and rest them as often as possible.
With the above three natural ways of improving vision a difference will no doubt be noticed.