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Are you tired of glasses? If you constantly is starting to lose his sight, or thinks that every day lost it with more frequency, maybe you are tired of going with your eye doctor for your normal appointment only to hear that his vision has deteriorated and you need an adaptation more intense for the lenses to be used. You begin to feel his tired eyes, or as your age increases begins to feel the ravages of a view increasingly with more problems to read those small letters of your newspaper or favorite magazine. Each time you need to see more from afar or withdraw the book or what intend to read, by virtue of begin to suffer the presbiciao extreme myopia, commonly known as the disease of the eyes of the elders. You tries to avoid such a visit to the eye doctor, however sensing that you will have to rrecurrir glasses sooner or later. Or maybe if you’re lucky, you still have good eyesight, but uses his eyes much and feared the day when no longer able to see well without glasses. Perhaps you would like to have a way to preserve your good view, naturally, as you try to keep your body healthy and in shape by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. The answer is here in this article, and let me tell you that it is a great truth, a reality that you can improve your eyesight naturally. It is possible to improve your eyesight naturally, even if you have used artificial lenses for years.

Preserve your eyesight or improve it if you is beginning to have some problems to view properly, is even easier. According to a well-known ophthalmologist of America, Dr William Bates, poor vision is the result of poor Visual habits developed during our lives, which has put too much tension on the ojoos itself, in addition to affecting the balance of our optical muscles that control the way in which went our approach.Visual weak muscles or more developed optical muscles are responsible for many problems in common eyes, such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia Learn to relax the strained eyes and avoiding forcing eyes, first, is how to improve our natural sight. The Bates method was developed in the early 20th century and is considered to be very effective in helping school children to improve their learning and concentration without forcing the eyes, as well as the improvement of the vision of a great number of patients. The Bates method has been modified and modernized by Dr. Duque Peterson in his method of vision without glasses, which also includes a section on optical muscles exercise.

These exercises were absent in the original Bates method whose main objective was to rest the eyes and train to see effortlessly. Exercises and tips included in the vision without glasses can be used?by people and will help to improve the view, naturally, in just a few weeks. You only need 15-20 minutes a day to relax your eyes, learn how to break your Visual habits bad and begin to immediately improve your eyesight. Eyes can teach to practice in any place, just need to find a quiet place to relax the mind and eyes, which might even be your desk, or by car. Resolve, only thing that are at risk of losing, the glasses!