Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Would you like better eyesight without glasses? Well, you need not worry, because we tell you some great ways. Firstly, you need to know that since the eyes often undergo the maximum amount of stress, you need to de-stress them regularly. How can you go about doing this? Lie down straight on your back, your legs shoulder-width apart, with your eyes closed. Your palms should be facing upward. Now breathe in, and feel your lungs expanding with air. Then continue to breathe in and out for a few minutes, then open your eyes. Focus your eyes on a stationary object situated somewhere in the room, then close your eyes, but continue to look at it, in your mind. This will help you de-stress your eyes, and this is also a great way to have better eyesight without glasses.

Visual concentration is a must. You can do this by making the best efforts to have better eyes. Throughout the day, we subject ourselves to various kinds of discomforts and stress to the eyes, which eventually take their toll in the form of tired eyes and bad eyesight. Fortunately, there are many remedies that you can resort to, for better eyesight without glasses. In doing so, you would also be avoiding headaches, a rather unpleasant side-effect of eye problems. Yoga exercises can go a long way in giving you relief, and making your eyesight better. Besides, they would also strengthen your eye muscles.

So what Yoga exercises can you do, for better eyesight without glasses? Sit down on the very edge of your chair, keep your neck and back straight. Shut your eyes, and place each palm over an eye, until you feel that the palms are warming your eyes. Then take your hands away, but keep your eyes shut. Inhale deeply, through your nose, then exhale the air, and drop your head forward, rotating it from side to side. Rotate your shoulders too, as if shrugging. Shut your eyes, and tighten your shoulders, hold this position, then exhale, releasing your shoulders, and then opening your eyes. Repeat this exercise. Now blink many times, flutter your eyes continuously till they become moist, repeat again. Another Yoga exercise you can do for better eyesight without glasses is to focus on a stationary object in the nearby distance, and then blink many times in quick succession.

What else can you do for better eyesight without glasses? It’s important to remember that for strong eyes, you should resist the urge to squint. Always look straight and directly at an object. Better eyesight is always within your grasp if you exercise your eye muscles regularly, eat the right foods, and counteract the tendencies to strain your eyes. Ensuring that you provide proper eye-care to yourself is a must, and to safeguard your eyesight, there are many exercises that you can do, as describes above, for better eyesight without glasses. The key to good eyesight lies in des-stressing them regularly, and avoiding strain.

Charles writes on numerous ways to improve eyesight.