Weak Eyesight Treatment to Improve Eyesight Fast

The heat and the weakness of the brain is a major cause of the weakness of sight. The elimination of morbid matter through the flu if suppressed by the wrong treatment, also negatively affects the eyes.

Besides this, longover and television watching closely., Continuous reading with a strong light, digestive disorder, imbalance of power and lifestyle habits and vitamin A in foods are also responsible for the weakness of sight. At maturity, excessive worry and consumption of alcohol also causes weakness of the eyes.

Weakness view is a typical concern of a day. Even old propaganda proposal from immature children also could be seen due to the regulation of eye glasses sick. Heat as well as the weakness of the brain is equivalent to a categorical view of the sick.

Causes of Weak Eyesight

1. Weakness of sight can be controlled through improved diet

2. For better eye, drinking the juice of the lettuce or the use of lettuce in salads.

3. You should take small amounts of peanuts or raisins in your daily diet. It will improve your eyesight weak.

4. Increase intake of foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, raspberries, tomatoes, lemon and guava.

5. Some herbs like oregano, parsley and turmeric are extremely effective and beneficial for good eyesight.

Symptoms of

1. see fog or low eye

2. Short run as well as the long view

3. For a long stretch object but not to see

4. Rodeos objects or objects at a circuitous but not to see

5. The objects of long distance

Treatment of Weak Eyesight

1. Put mud wrap in the eyes helps to strengthen the nerves and relieve pressure. Therefore, the intensification of view.

2. The cucumber water use to wash your eyes. This may be a natural coolant and relief care each fatigue.

3. Eat a few cardamom seeds with a tablespoon of honey every day. This improves your eyesight.

4. Increase intake of prosperity. The ideal source of nutrients is located in the fish.

5. Grind the coriander seen with an equal amount of powdered sugar. Take a dose of 12 grams each day.

Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight

1. Each morning upon rising, fill your mouth with water, close your eyes and sprinkle water on them around 10-15 times. No doubt, Ayurveda advises, to wake up before dawn. Do not use hot water to wash the eyes

2. Do not wash eyes or face when the body is sweating, especially after strenuous exercise or after being exposed to heat and sun.

3. The cabbage and carrots to eat is very beneficial for the eyes. These should be eaten raw. It’s okay to take the cabbage and carrot juice mixed together or separately.

4. Staying up late at night and sleeping after sunrise is harmful for the eyes. In case of staying up late, drinking a glass of water after every hour or half hour

5. Protect your eyes from dust, smoke, strong sunlight and strong winds. Avoid staying long in such conditions. If you have to stay, a blink and massage gently with your eyes closed, palms

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