One of Top Eye Doctors in Michigan Hailed as Lasik Surgeon of the …

Detroit, Michigan (April 24, 2013) – Mazin K. Yaldo, MD of the Yaldo Eye Center has been recognized again as the Lasik Surgeon of the Year. As one of the leading eye doctors in Michigan, he has received this honor for two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012. He earned the award for his outstanding surgical skills, high satisfaction rate, and for the extensive evaluation he conducts to see if a patient is a candidate for Lasik surgery.

In determining the qualification of patients, Dr. Yaldo conducts a one-hour consultation to discuss their overall condition. He gives this free of charge to determine if the surgery is indeed the advanced correction procedure that is appropriate for a patient’s condition. In this session, he notes general guidelines to ensure that no complications will be encountered.

Because the eye constantly changes as people mature, a candidate must be over 18 years old to undergo surgery to correct nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism, and over 21 years old to correct farsightedness (hyperopia). Similarly, the patient should not have experienced any significant changes in their vision for at least a year to ensure that they will experience no further changes after the operation.

The practice strictly adheres to the requirement that, to undergo Lasik surgery, a person must be using lenses of no more than 14 diopters for myopia and within 6 diopters for hyperopia or astigmatism. To avoid complications during and after the operation, any chronic illness or eye disorders that the patient has must be stabilized beforehand. The diseases and conditions that must be particularly considered include arthritis and glaucoma.

After passing all specifications, clients will take approximately 15 tests using various technologies, which gauge whether or not they should push through with Lasik surgery. Despite the rigorous process of evaluation, nearly 97% of clients prove to be good or excellent candidates.

With a board-certified ophthalmologist leading the practice, Yaldo Eye Center is offering a Spring Special discount on Lasik surgery until May 30, 2013. By taking advantage of this promo, clients can undergo the surgery at only $699 per eye instead of the regular price of $999.

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About Yaldo Eye Center

Being one of the most sought-after eye doctors in Michigan for nearly 20 years, Mazin K. Yaldo, MD keeps himself updated on the recent advancements in laser surgery and advanced vision correction. Working primarily in refractive surgery, his practice serves the Greater Detroit Area, Metropolitan Toledo, and other surrounding communities.