Principles of the patient's glasses hyperopia | Cheap Ray Ban …

1. Low hypertrophy.

Or 300 degrees below preschoolers, normal or near normal vision, no visual fatigue symptoms may temporarily with Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. Because many children with physiologic farsightedness of 300 degrees. There are visual fatigue symptoms, if they can improve vision after wearing glasses, you should wear. But not necessarily with the full, it can keep 50 to 100 degrees.

2, in the high hypertrophy, which is greater than 300 degrees or more, of these children, the distance and near vision decreased to varying degrees, most have symptoms of visual fatigue.
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The separable stage matches the mirror. First put the proceeds slightly below optometry degree of hypertrophy glasses, to be adapted and then press the refraction results in proportion to the total hypertrophy prescription, wearing a second pair of glasses.

3, there are those within the eye oblique, in principle, be equipped with adequate hypertrophy.

Especially after wearing full correction of isotropic or substantially corrected and get binocular vision, even if wearing glasses but reduced visual acuity, but also according to doctor’s orders with enough degrees. If after wearing eye position no change, and significant vision loss, could not see the blackboard in class, will also be difficult to walk, then started a few degrees may be appropriate to wear glasses shallow, to be adapted and re-glasses to the foot degrees. Under normal circumstances, the beginning is always some uncomfortable glasses, usually wear more than 2 months will be to adapt. Wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses adapted to adhere to often wear suddenly pick and your eyes examined regularly for those with low vision and eye health cover to regular training in the affected eye, so visual acuity returned to normal.