Toddler diagnosed with Hyperopia and Accomodation – Imagination …

Absolutely worst thing to do is place eyeglasses on a child; the glasses will prevent the eye from correcting the wandering condition and they will cause, increase blurry vision for life; addiction to stronger and stronger glasses. Eyeglasses also impair brain development; left and right hemispheres, visual cortex and their function with the eyes, eye muscles. See the ‘cross crawl’, ‘figure eight’, ‘long swing’… in my E-book.; FREE. Also play catch with the child; throw, catch with one hand, then the other, then both hands… Le the child point’ Pointing is a natural form of central fixation; looking directly at the object of visual attention. Also see ‘The bead String’ and write for addition pictures; how to move a light or colorful picture onto the bead; the wandering eye following it.

Was his crawling stage interrupted? Baby walkers block natural brain hemisphere development. The cross crawl and other activities can correct this crawling stage function. Let him practice crawling. It will integrate the brain hemispheres and then the brain works perfect with eye muscles. NO eye muscle surgery.

Any injuries, falls? Often kids grow out of strabismus. My niece did. She had injuries but overcame all. Same Here; I had many head injuries and a neck injury caused by a bad chiropractor and overcame the eye problems caused by this. You can do it!

See Dr. Bates and my books on google 100% view . Dr. Bates books are included free in the pdf’s. … &q&f=false A new version of this book will be uploade dto google soon.