El Borak's Myopia: Jesus owns zombie radio

So anyway, tonight I broke open the cardboard box in my basement marked “Zombie Radio.” There’s not actually a zombie in it, but there is an old BayGen Freeplay, a Y2K-era AM/FM/SW crank-for-power radio.  I like to test it every few years, just to see if it needs to be replaced.  Apparently it does, but that bad news is not the only news.

The Zombie Radio covers all the FM dial, which tonight seems to be 15 or more stations chronicling the Cowboys’ felonious assault of the Giants, plus several incarnations of NPR presenting the harpistry of the neglected lesbians of Croatia or some such. The AM dial has died wholly, thus necessitating the replacement of this radio as soon as I sell a few more reloading dies at 3x what I bought them for.  So that’s pretty much a done deal.

But it was the shortwave dial that really amused me tonight.  It’s not that all the ministries on shortwave radio are correct, or scriptural, or even legitimate.  They’re not.  But it is interesting that just about all that I found on shortwave radio was Christian radio.  Some of it was good, some of it – like the Oral Roberts* ministry and the White-people-are-the-real Jews – less so.  But it was interesting that just about the only people using shortwave are promoting some version of the gospel.

I’m not sure if that means Christians are behind the times**. Or, if the future turns out to be something like the end of the world and the happy go lucky days that follow,*** it just might mean that they are in position to become the new mainstream media.

Of course, that means that all right-thinking people will need to hate them. As a matter of principle, of course.

* I don’t know if that old dude is still alive, but I think it would have been totally sweet if, the last time he was raising money and threatened that God might “call him home” if his viewers didn’t cough up enough FRNs, he had missed the target and dropped dead on the air.  That would have been a pretty good witness, IMO.** Not if there’s anything wrong with that.
*** aka Lucifer’s Hammer.