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Summer in Rochester brings some scorching hot temperatures that demand frequent refreshing dips in the pool. Hopefully after this past weeks heat wave you were able to beat the heat by swimming in a local pool.

For those that swim on recreational teams or as professional lifeguards, seeing underwater is critical. Clearly bringing your glasses into the water isn’t an option, so what is an avid swimmer to do?

Many people don’t know that over the last 15 years, technology has developed to allow people with poor eyesight to see clearly both underwater as well as on dry land.

Prescription swim goggles provide the visual advantage and protection that swimmers need above normal swim goggles. Opposed to normal goggles that distort your vision underwater, goggles adjusted to fit your unique prescription allow you to see with little to no distortion at all. If you need corrective lenses while you’re on dry land, why not get them for underwater as well? Your personalized lenses can help correct myopia and mild astigmatism underwater, allowing for a clear and comfortable swim.

You may ask, why can I not simply wear my contact lenses under normal goggles?

Swimming with contacts can allow for bacteria, oil, dirt, and chemical agents to contact your eyes, and could potentially cause infection to your eyes and damage to your contacts. For long-term health for your eyes, it is best for you to avoid this bad practice.

Rochester Optical’s Greece store (located across from Greece Ridge Mall) is one of the only stores specializing in sports eyewear in the area. Here we offer a selection of both prescription and nonprescription goggles for swimmers.

Is it worth the price? For active swimmers, the price of a pair of prescription goggles may be a worthwhile investment. Instead of allowing your eyes to experience discomfort and infection or attempting to wear already pricey contacts underwater, do yourself a favor and seek clear vision and protected eyes.

If you choose to purchase prescription goggles, it is important to stay up to date with your yearly eye exam so that you continue to see clearest and with the proper prescription for your eyes.

(Photo courtesy of Jaypeg)