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There;s a sports psychologist, Bob Rotella, who talks about this same thing. When a professional golfer or basketball player is making a shot he is focusing on a very small target. If he diffuses his focus to the entire fairway rather than a specific spot, or to the general area of the basketball goal rather than a piece of the rim or net, then their focus is spread out and he is less likely to make an accurate shot.

Once, when Tiger Woods was playing along side Fred Funk, Fred asked Tiger what tiny strip of fairway he wanted him to hit the golf ball to. Tiger (who doesn’t have the best driving accuracy) thought he was joking by how precise he was getting about this. But I think that’s just it. The better you get, the more confidence you get to hit those smaller areas, the more you will shrink your target. And Fred Funk has one of the best driving accuracy’s on tour.

Another golfer, I believe it was Ernie Else, said that when he is making a putt he doesn’t look at the entire cup, he just looks for a blade of grass that;s on the inside of the cup to aim to.

So yeah, I think there is a link between these concepts and the concepts discussed in vision improvement. I feel as though I’m finding links between so many other things as well, that relate to vision improvement, that I have never heard of before. This vision improvement stuff is still so underground, it seems, that few people consider what effect the eyes have on the body/mind and vice-versa.