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The taste of myopia
In our class, many people have got myopia, my eyesight decreased. See around some of the students, wearing glasses, always admire very much. Seems to be wearing glasses is a sign of have poise and learned; When male students to answer the question, pushing glasses, natural and unrestrained; Female classmate, in my spare time with a lens cloth to wipe the lens, elegant. When the glasses frame in his nose, as well as to know the taste is bad.
Remember once, I take off glasses to walk around the streets, cousin to see me, just waved hello to me from far away, I see clearly her appearance, see I have no reaction, just ran over to gas drum cried cried what scold me « no one », « cold blood », make me in distress situation. This also made me began to upset on your own two eyes, has made up his mind to restore vision.
In order to be able to properly restore good eyesight, I began to protect his eyes. I the classmate of class situation survey, conducted a myopia wear glasses in class are more than 20 more than 50% of the total number of classes.
I look at the teacher to fill in the form of 5.0 above, the number of even less than ten students, let me very surprised. According to the specification writing posture, up to the 3 a standard homework no more than 10 people. Less than 20% of the total class, at the wrong posture, sitting position is not straight classmate is about more than 20 people, with the standard posture do homework than the gap is so big. Collapsed about five homework on the table, so lead to myopia of Trinidad and Tobago.
I think it is not correct lead to our eyesight fell sharply, let oneself on the bridge of the nose framework, let me feel don’t want to, so we should protect our eyes, let oneself can have a pair of good eyes, can let oneself become more healthy.
We should correct his bad habits, usually in writing assignments, play computer, watching TV’s time should be set at 40 ` 50 minutes to rest for a while. Should do three when you do your homework – hand away from the tip of one inch, eyes to stay away from the book a foot, chest a punch from the table. At the time of playing computer, eyes keep a certain distance with a computer screen. Don’t put TV brightness is too high, so as to avoid eyes were stimulated. In addition, we also pay attention to use eye sanitation, do not use hand rub eyes, etc. Are we usually pay attention to health.
Senior year, stepped into the information age, the thick glasses also became a kind of « the tide », don’t cry because it is the « trends » and let us give up their eyes. The classmates, we have no longer hesitate and delay, we must call for more love around the world. You know – « the pearl of the eye is aged, the eyes are the window to the soul »…Ray Ban SunglassesRay Ban OutletCheap Ray BansCheap Ray Ban SunglassesCheap Ray Ban Wayfarer