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Nearsighted glasses tips

Short sight a true, false,-. Because of their strong regulation, prone to false myopia, a few adults in false myopia may also occur. False, when attention to the work more evenly and eye health eye, insisting on doing eye exercises, combined with drug therapy, do not need to wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. Although to achieve a 4.00D, or mirror, only adheres to the eye a few days without rest to recover. Only true myopia was wearing corrective glasses to improve vision.

Myopia is without or with less regulation, regulated less than a collection, after when wearing corrective glasses, whether viewed from near and far to use regulator, and adjust the relationship between collection and separately to be returned to normal or near normal joint used. Some myopic patients since the past without adjustment, after wearing corrective glasses, abrupt adjustment and regulation and the new normal or near-normal relations collection, often don’t fit even eye fatigue.

Myopia correction, in principle, to achieve the best visual acuity minimum diopter gave prescription. For example: a 1.25D, one 1.50D, one 1.75D, can make the vision correction of 1.5, when a 1.25D to give. Because diopter myopia often feel deep Cheap Ray Bans diopter lens than light lenses seem clear. If negligence is easily corrected salvation, salvation is commonly adjusted compensate, resulting into a human myopia hypertrophy, inevitable mulch-adjustable, so that over-regulation, the relationship is less than a collection of collections larger than inverted, causing eye fatigue, lack even can contribute to the development of myopia.

Myopia 12. 00D can be completely correct, 12. 25D~ 14. 00D can reduce, as appropriate, 10. 25D 14. 25D~ 16. 00D where appropriate, down 0. 25D0 5 d, 16. 25D~ 110. 00D where appropriate, down 10. 50~ 11. 00D, 110. ROOD more the discretion to reduce 11. 00D 12. 00D According to patients tolerance capacity points 2~3 times given prescription, every time apart 3-6 months, last once given full correction prescription Si, should please patients eyes with see vision table, in not effect patients with far vision of requirements Xian, eyes while minus appropriate diopter, such both can exercise biliary muscle of regulation features, and can make regulation features and collection relationship gradually change to normal relationship, to reached adaptation. Children under 15 years old, its tolerance and resiliency are strong, could be considered.

General principles are: mild myopia can be fully corrected at once. Moderate myopia can reduce it, two corrections, General map lenses for the lowest degrees to achieve the best visual acuity, prevent excessive correction. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for the first time to reduce the number of adults, reduced to wearing a head not heave out, easy to walk as well. When wearing a full correction of high myopia lenses, as appropriate to reduce one-third, persons over the age of 45 as close to subtract the old number, featuring two exclusive mirrors.