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Refractive errors must wear the right glasses

to the hospital for nearly 70% of the student’s myopia, and there is an upward trend, mainly due to the students close to overuse, vision is not open due.
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Based on clinical observation, 95% bad eyesight is caused by refractive. Human eye is like a camera, with refractive and adjust the two functions. When the eyes don’t adjust case, parallel rays through refractive system after inflection, formations focus falls on the retina, which is seeing-eye, it’s refractive. Found refractive errors cannot be indifferent, you must wear appropriate glasses, otherwise the vicious circle.

The first step in controlling myopia wears the right glasses

When your child is diagnosed with myopia, be sure to take appropriate countermeasures, and wear appropriate Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses myopia prevention is a good idea.

Protect eyesight must start from the details; medical optometry is the first step. Refractive status of each person is different eyes adjust different conditions, different facial features, so the glasses must be individualized fitting, there must be professional technical support. A qualified glasses depends not only on the quality of lenses and frames qualified, level of optometry, lens polishing process is also very important, with a degree of medical optometry is accurate, comfortable and healthy glasses of the premise. In fact, ordinary refraction is derived solely rely on computer optometry refraction, and then inserts try lenses optometry. This optometry, operating methods and procedures are relatively simple, just to let refractive errors were able to see the object, in large degree of change will occur soon after wearing glasses, eye fatigue, and other symptoms of rapid progression of myopia.

Rigorous medical optometry complex, the first high-precision high-cost integrated refract meter, and secondly on the optometrist has strict requirements that must be familiar with knowledge of clinical ophthalmology and optometry physician. From the content point of view, the ordinary routine medical optometry content more than five times, including eye refraction, adjust power, binocular vision, emergence collection features distinguish the dominant eye and so on, the last comprehensive

Issued by the above scientific co optometry prescription glasses to achieve, not only comfortable and clear vision can read durable and healthcare purposes.

The second step of controlling the correct myopia to wear glasses

While suffering from myopia has been confirmed as true, the degree of 100 degrees or more, you should wear the right glasses to be corrected. Once the optician, in addition to wash and sleep outside should wear it, because myopia patients wear appropriate glasses, in semitropical state regulation and emergence functional recovery of the natural relationship. Wearing glasses is not only to improve vision, but also in studying and working within an appropriate distance, so emergence eye regulation and function of normal and harmonious relations between, to avoid eyestrain.

It should be noted that no more wear proper wearing degrees deeper degree of myopia development or not, and wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses are not directly related. Myopia wear the right glasses, pay attention to eye health, myopia will stabilize at a certain level. But if you think everything will be fine with the glasses, usually pay attention to eye health, continued long-term state of fatigue the eye; can lead to vision loss, myopia. In addition, wearing glasses as inappropriate: None optometry or optometry are not allowed, with the degree too large, it will increase the burden on the eyes, so vision loss, the degree to deepen.

Only medical optometry, reasonable wear glasses to play a controlling role in the development of myopia.

Progressive multiform lenses

After the students wear glasses most of the time is close work, had mild myopia see near is no need to adjust, but after wearing myopia see near it will stimulate the regulation, which is more likely to cause visual fatigue, resulting in the continued development of myopia. In response to this phenomenon, Purim Optometry experts specially recommend to all parents: juvenile progressive multiform lenses.

Progressive multiform lens is divided into four zones, namely: glazing area located in the upper half of the lens for looking far; under light district, located in the lower half of the lens for a look at the past. From the top of the fixed lens to lens distance power under a fixed reading is not close with a sudden change, but in between the refractive power used gradual transition gradual change, and will not affect the visual effect, it will not cause visual fatigue. Long-term wear can be corrected to read and write incorrect posture, control and mitigate the deepening of myopia.