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Tell the child myopia glasses before

Burden of learning “overweight” To the eye fatigue

Many parents have a question: “Why is it that their children attend primary school shortsighted eyes?”

Chinese Medical Association of Yunnan Province Medical Association Ophthalmic yellow orb club members said that with the development of modern science, social fierce competition, people need to keep learning to read. Especially young children, the study load is too heavy. Parents looking for their children to learn something more, in addition to the heavy burden of learning outside the school, and gave the kids what additional English classes, chess classes, art classes, calligraphy classes, computer classes, and so on.

High strength eye, leading to eye a long time in a State of fatigue, unavailability of mitigation and adjustment causes the culinary muscle spasm, thereby squeezing eyes caused by capillary micro-circulation, and formed the myopia. If parents are myopic, that children have higher incidence of myopia.

Yellow Pearl introduced for ordinary myopia patients, these changes because eye structure produced reason, which is not correct, scientific eye.

Therefore, the yellow orb remind parents: “Once a child to see distant blur, look near clear, easy to read less than one hour to produce fatigue, recurrent sties, inhalation, etc., or watching TV habits Amandie focus, move closer, reading, writing easy wrong questions, so unexplained fall in academic performance, they should take their child to the hospital for vision screening, early detection and early treatment.

Tell myopia glasses before

Glasses to the hospital or to the Chanel Sunglasses shop with? How to wear glasses it science?

Pseudo myopia is often incorrectly used as eye, the culinary muscle sustained contraction, cramps, and lack of proper rest, the crystal also will thicken. Such external parallel rays entering the eye, thickening of the crystal body housing inflection, the focus fell on the front of the retina, to see distant things naturally clear. During this period, the eye without structural change, if we can properly rest and treatment, attention to eye health, rational use of the eyes, it is possible to restore normal vision. However, if not promptly corrected pseudo myopia stage and treatment, over time it will develop into a true myopia.

If you suspect pseudo myopia to the hospital for eye examination, the doctor will use the syrup dilated pupil dilation, to be checked after cyclopedia refraction. If there is no change in refraction, while significant progress by dilation or restore vision to normal, indicating that only pseudo-myopia. If after mid rise optometry culinary muscle paralysis there is a corresponding change in myopia, visual acuity improved after dilation, plus the corresponding myopia, vision can be improved, and this is a true myopia.

Formation of myopia stemmed largely from physical diseases. As with the eyes close and high-strength eye, causing the eye to visual fatigue. If prolonged state of fatigue, lack of mitigation and adaptation, it is easy to cause the culinary muscle spasm, thereby squeezing the eye capillaries, leading to micro-circulatory disturbances and eventually become myopic.

The difference is that with hypertrophy, myopia is a state of relaxation in the regulation of the eye, the parallel light refracted through the eye of the refractive system, the focus falls on the retina before, resulting in visual distortion, Chanel Aviator Sunglasses causes distant objects blurred.

The hypertrophy eye in the regulation is relaxed state, the parallel light refracted through the eye of the refractive system, the focus falls on the retina, the retina form a diffuse ring, can not form a clear image.

Myopically occurs mainly in children aged 1-2

Myopically is no organic disease eyeball to functional factors mainly caused by distant visual acuity less than 0.9, and corrected visual acuity and reach normal, or there is organic change and refractive error, but incompatible with lesions adapt to poor eyesight and can not be corrected for myopically.

Myopically may occur during Visual development, began in 1-2 years old. Chanel Sunglasses Women made up early, its extent, the more weight.