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Eye Power brings to mind some type of cybernetic tenderness that gives you super-human sight. While it isn’t anything of the type, it does promise to fix several people’s vision problems. Specifically, it uses ultrasonic technology to correct nearsightedness and physical myopia. All you need to do is to look intently into the equipment for 10 minutes. My guess is that you must need to do this on a regular basis in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Take good care of your eyes!

Take good care of your eyes!

This particular product is rather limited, which normally makes me a bit skeptical. While I have difficulty believing that it can live up to its statement, I can’t help but wonder about the potential outcome such an equipment would have on the general populace.

As per its Japanese distributor, this inexplicable gadget utilizes “ultrasonic technology” to settle partial blindness and nearsightedness for general blindness or nearsightedness. Simply associate the culpable sphere near your eyes for 10 minutes, and you can beyod doubt improve your eyesight.


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