Get Better Eyesight With Eye Exercises

Are you aware it’s possible to improve your eyesight without needing surgery or other corrective measures? It’s true, and often overlooked as people jump to fast conclusions. Since we use our eyes so much, they can become tired and worn out. There are things we can do, such as exercises, to help strengthen them and improve our eyesight.

So what are the exercises you can do, for better eyesight without glasses? Well, your aim should be to strengthen your visual concentration. Sit down on a comfortable chair, keep your neck and back straight, but don’t be stiff. Do these exercises for better eyesight without glasses. First, focus your own gaze on the tip of your nose, and don’t blink. Hold on as long as you can. Then close your eyes and relax. Another exercise you can do to have better eyesight without glasses is to focus on your third eye – the proverbial term for the area right above and in between your eyes. As in the same exercise before, close your eyes and relax. Lastly, the final exercise we shall tell you about is to focus both your eyes on your right shoulder, without turning your head around. Maintain the position for as long as possible, then close your eyes and relax. Repeat for the other side, then relax and start all over again. When you are done with the exercises, place your palms on your closed eyes, and rest for a while – this relaxes your eye muscles. It’s important for you to know that these exercises might be a little difficult at first, and your eyes might hurt, but remember that with constant practice and perseverance, you will be able to manage just fine, and the end result will be better eyesight without glasses!

There are, of course, other simple procedures you can follow to have better eyesight. One exercise you can follow for stronger eyes is to lie on your back, facing up, and your palms facing up too. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and then close your eyes. Breathe in, and feel your lungs expand with air. Breathe in and out for a few minutes at least, then open your eyes. Pick a stationary object which you can look at, now shut your eyes but continue to keep looking at it, in your mind. This exercise not only strengthens your eye muscles, but it also improves your eyesight.

The eyes are often the part of the body which undergo the most stress, so it’s important to follow these exercises, to have better eyesight without glasses.

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