Regain that Lost Energy

Several recent research reports from the 2010 American Dietetic Association annual meeting finally provide some science behind common myths about how best to regain that lost energy. First, researchers asked what the best type of food was to give people a sustained energy boost. It turns out that a protein with balanced amounts of carbohydrates sustains energy better than carbohydrate alone, and the worst is to reach for a sugary candy bar or energy drink according to the work done at the University of Philadelphia Nutritional Sciences Department. The researchers believe the combination of protein and carbohydrates sustains an individuals energy longer because it is digested more slowly that simple carbohydrates and as a result increases the individuals blood glucose in a slower and more sustained manner. The fact that the energy drinks provided the worst level of energy was not surprising to Dr. Jaimie Davis because all energy drinks provide is large doses of caffeine without any actual energy, leaving people crashing often within an hour of taking the drink. Second, researchers at the ADA annual meeting provided more evidence that a high fiber breakfast is the best way to sustain a person’s energy throughout the day. The researchers compared the high fiber breakfast with a low fiber breakfast and found that the alertness of individuals between breakfast and lunch was dramatically different. The research will be published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition by the end of the year. According to the study authors the fiber in the meal provides to main components for sustained energy in the morning. First, the high fiber meal makes people feel fuller that keeps levels of important hunger hormones low. Second the fiber slows the entry of glucose into the blood stream keeping insulin low and levels of ghrelin, an important appetite regulation hormone low as well. Finally, a third group looked at multitasking and the brain regarding energy levels. Researchers have suspected that while multitasking is viewed as a way to get a lot done quickly, it can also lead to individuals burning out early in the day. It turns out that several simply 5 to 10 minute breaks throughout the day can dramatically improved alertness and overall feelings of energy. The researchers at Florida State University that did the multitasking research had individuals handle several tasks at once, including receiving and making phone calls, checking emails, and scheduling appointments. One group was asked to complete the work as quickly as possible without any breaks, while a second group was told the same, but each time a red light lit in the room they were told “time would stop” on their ability to complete the work and they could relax for up to 10 minutes. When the data was in, not only did the groups that took the breaks finish quicker, but they reported being more energized throughout the process. To learn more about subjects like this and to start changing your body, please visit us at New Lifestyle Diet.

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