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Generally, people with the condition of myopia or nearsightedness can clearly see objects that are near them, but they will be able to get only a blurred image of objects located at a distant place. Even though, hereditary reasons are pointed out for this condition, too much watching of television and computer screen and too much reading are known to cause this problem. These activities cause near point stress, thereby affecting the focusing muscles resulting in eyeball going out of its shape. Generally, eye care providers suggest corrective lenses for this condition. However, these lenses worsen the problem. But, there are eye exercises that can relieve these patients of their problem.

According to the National Eye Institutes report, too much reading is one of the important causes of myopia. It has been experienced by some people with this condition that exercises alone improved their vision a lot without the requirement of any glasses. Even, it is essential that when doing eye workouts, corrective lenses should not be worn. If you have a pair of old glasses with lesser power, you can just wear them until you are able to view distant objects while driving besides doing exercises. The following workouts can be beneficial in treating the condition of myopia:

Flexing: Under this method, you will have to look at some nearer objects like an artificial plant or a pencil that is placed at a distance of about 6 from your nose tip for a few minutes. Then, you will have to look at some farther objects like a tree or a building for a few minutes. Then, slowly change the focus from near to far objects. You can inhale when seeing the nearer object and can exhale while viewing the farther object. When viewing the nearer object hold it still and look at some small details on both near and far objects each time you are changing your focus. This workout can be done for 10 minutes at a time for relaxing the muscles.

Squeeze blinking: You can firmly squeeze your eyelid muscles and then slowly open your eyes and look at an object located at a distance place. This exercise can be repeated for five minutes.

Detailing: Get a beautiful plant or an ornament that you like very much and just place it at a distance where you are able to get only its blurred image. Now, slowly examine the small details by slowly running your vision around its edges in such a way that you can get the exact shape of the object. Here, aim for a contemplative, relaxed and calm sight. While doing this eye exercise breathe slowly and deeply.

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