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FarsightednessThe clinical term for farsightedness is Hyperopia which is the inability of a person to focus on things that are close to them or even an arm’s length. These people suffering from farsightedness have trouble in reading small words in a book. They are unable to see smaller things clearly it is generally age related but sometimes even children are affected as this disorder can be hereditary. It occurs because the images do not focus directly on the retina but behind it.

Another probable cause of Hyperopia is flat cornea or shorter eyeballs. When a person suffers from headaches arising due to straining the eyes for focusing on objects that are close to them, it indicates the presence of this disorder. Though there no guaranteed cure for farsightedness, one can use herbal remedies to diminish the intensity of this disorder and provides vision support that is healthy.

These remedies enhance vision, prevent blurring, also prevent visual impairment but are not very effective on totally eradicating this disorder unless it is mild or detected as a very early stage. Some of these herbal remedies that bring in better focus and clarity in vision, enhance close vision are discussed below.

Herbal Remedies For Farsightedness

Nettle (Utrica Dioica)

This herb with anti-inflammatory properties is known to be very effective for the health of the eye and is used to cure the damaging effects of eye strain due to hyperopia. It has the potential to enhance blood circulation in the eyes which in turn makes the eye healthier and stronger.


The best way to use it is in the form of infusions wherein one can take a teaspoonful of nettle infusion in just a cup of water. This intake can be done twice a day. A towel soaked in a solution of nettle can be applied on the eyes for better results.

Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense0)

This well-known herb is also full of anti-inflammatory properties and is used for the prevention of farsightedness. It prevents overall straining of the eye and is known to stall vision deterioration.


It has to be used externally as an eyebath. 10 grams of this herb when added to one litre of water and decocted, this preparation is an excellent remedy for eyes with hyperopia.

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

This herb acts as a relaxant and is essentially used to get rid of eye strains. It provides nutrition to the eye and heals the existent problem at their onset.


It is known to be used as eye drops and can also be applied to the eyes with the help of towels. One must exercise caution in using it if that person is allergic or is feverish.

Bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus)

This herb works effectively on the eye capillaries by removing the inflammations that erupt due to excessive straining of the eyes. It helps in the strengthening of the cornea and in retaining its shape that is one of the main causes of hyperopia.


The best way to consume is infusions that can be prepared by adding the dried root of this herb to oaf water and drinking it thrice a day.

Eyebright (Euphrasia Officinalis)

This herb is works as a cleanser and removes any kind of irritants and thereby reduces the strain in the eyes. They can be used as eye drops as well as eyes compress. They are readily available with the herbalists and also found in local stores.

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