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Restore your eyesight naturally YOURSELF – No Lasik, No Lasek. Complete elimination of myopia (nearsightedness).

Sections of video:

1. Stop wearing Glasses
2. Check Eye Movements/Blinking, Eye exercises
3. Learn importance of Psychology, Learn eyesight facts
4. How Peripheral Vision can become a strain on eyesight.
5. Importance of Flexibility, What is strong/weak eyesight?
6. Looking at History and other animals

Evidence that natural eyesight restoration WORKS:
Plus 100,000s websites

Top 5 tips:
1. Do not wear glasses
2. Do not stare or strain your eyes. (Bad vision habits)
3. When viewing something turn your eyes to see it rather than tilting/turning your head.
4. Try not to intimidate other people
Don’t be selfish or full of self-importance. Put other peoples
interests first (family/friends) Ensure your efforts are for their
interest and not yours. Dont FORCE people to like your favours or coerce
the response that YOU want to hear from them. That would only be
self-interest at work.

Another tip to remember is that a myope is
treating their eyes as a failed organ. A failed organ will mean one
showing a lack of movement and function.

This ‘failed organ’ means:
a) The pupils are constantly dilated and unresponsive. In strong sunlight the eyes will suffer excessive exposure to light.
b) The ciliary muscles inside the eye will not function, meaning an inability to switch between near vision and far vision.
The retina (back wall of the eyeball) will be inflexible. It will never
adjust forward or backwards (which is again not the norm for normal

‘Restore your eyesight naturally YOURSELF – No Lasik, No Lasek’
©2012 D Beaumont

Watching TV can encourage staring and the person to exert more control
over their surroundings. This behavioral trait can have a negative
impact on quality of eyesight. Research indicates myopic people spend
more time watching tv and less time outdoors than the average person.

Check out youtube channels ‘RestoreeyesightNow’ and
‘NaturalEyesight101’ for free videos aimed at natural eyesight

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