Exercises to strengthen the eye muscles | Women's Advisor

117 300x191 Exercises to strengthen the eye musclesThe modern rhythm of life has a solo impact on the eye. The impact of computer, TV, reading in moving vehicles, stress, huge amount of mental work – all this leads to a deterioration of vision and development of different kinds of eye diseases. Daily perform special exercises that strengthen the muscles of the eyes, and gradually you will notice that vision is becoming more acute. 

Sit in front of the mirror, close your eyes and slightly sit in a relaxed state. Feel the eyes relax, enjoy darkness covered with age. Can include meditation music to fully calm down. Open your eyes and go directly to perform the exercises.

Look at the tip of the nose, maximum turning eyes. Gaze on the bridge, and then in the third eye area. Hold look at each position for 10 seconds. Look in front of him and close your eyes, relax for a few seconds, and then open your eyes.

Look at surface mirrors, like a watch on it speck, for 1 minute. Gaze into the distance, as if your reflection something to hide, peer in the distance. Repeat exercise another 3 times.

Look before you, look away right, down, left, up. Change direction: left, down, right, up. Repeat exercise another 10 times in each direction.

Close your eyes. Rotate the eye apples clockwise for 2 – 3 minutes. Sit in a quiet condition 1 minute, then repeat rotation in the opposite direction.

Continue to sit with closed eyes. Your palms begin to RUB against each other, and feel, as between them, heat is produced. Spread the palm of the hand and put them over her eyes. Sit like this for a few minutes, try to relax your eyes. Lift eyelids enjoy the natural light coming through your palms, spread your hands.