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Muscle, in the face of a complex network, all the muscles can be exercised. Strengthen the facial muscles will give a firm and tone look. Another benefit of increased circulation. In addition to increasing the rosy gloss, improve the circulation of the skin to get more blood, oxygen and nutrients, and cell repair. Face practicing yoga, isometric, and the combination of the resistance movement. Just 10 minutes, twice a day will strengthen and tone your facial muscles.

The Satchmo

Trumpet players around the firmest cheeks playing horns, because they use these muscles. This fun sport, strong-willed cheek. As you may have guessed, It was named after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong in 1900, the famous trumpet player. Puff your cheeks, the air from one side to the other side. The Company’s cheek, they are strong.

Face-lift and movement

Face-lift exercise, it is recommended to maintain muscle tone in the face of California dental professional group. Sagging muscles one of the reasons is because of the lack of use. This exercise work of Quadratus labli (from the side of the nose, upper lip muscles a) strengthening and firming muscles. Slightly open your mouth, your nostrils flare, wrinkle your nose, you can draw your upper lip, then relax the facial muscles. Next, your index finger in the top part of your cheeks, but in your eyes slightly open your mouth, upper lip curled, hold for 10 seconds, then relax.

Lower eyelid power

The orbicularis muscle implemented this practice. This area is below the eyes, a cavity is formed in the region. Place your index finger in the corner of the outer corner of your eyes and your middle finger and applies light pressure. Rolling your eyes, squint eyes, gently grasp the corners of your eyes. 10 Repeat tighten and release. Tightening repeated at 10 for 40 seconds. The exercise is from: Carole Maggio, I Facercise. “

Eyebrow lift

The exercise eyebrow lift the upper eyelid. It is ideal eyelids began to droop. Sitting facing forward, with your spine erect. Broaden your eyes, you can be as much as possible. Ensure not wrinkled brow, focus on a point in the distance. Maintained for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeated four or five times. You should feel the flow of water on your forehead.

Temple Dancer eye

This yoga practice oribicularis of turns, muscle, round eyes. It helps prevent skin wrinkles and crow’s feet and eye muscle exercise is a favorite fitness expert Jack LaLanne. To sit down with your back straight and your head facing forward. Look to your right, then to the center, and then to see the left and back to the center. Do not move your head, let your face relax. Next, reverse the direction. Repeat 3 or 4 times, and then close your eyes, look down.

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