Lazy Eye Exercises | The Board Magazine

By Beep Pocock

Lazy eye or Amblyopia is a condition of the eye. People who have lazy eye usually have impaired vision. The eye can have the characteristic look of a lazy eye slanting down or it can appear normal.

Lazy eye is an extremely common eye problem that actually affects thousands of children and adults a year. Often there is no cause found when someone suffers from a lazy eye.

A lazy eye finds it more difficult to show the visual picture to the sufferer. Lazy eye often happens during childhood. It gives the sufferer poor or blurry vision. Many people who have lazy eye usually only have it in one eye; it’s very unusual to have it in both eyes.

One of the best ways to treat a lazy eye is to start wearing eye patches. Your eye specialist can help here. Many people find that vision can be recovered in the eye affected by it.

The eye patch is placed over the non-affected eye; this is done on a daily basis. Whilst wearing the eye patch, it is best to do some eye exercises to help restore vision.

Eye exercises are very easy to do and help strengthen the eye muscles around the eye. Most of these exercises are done close to the eyes so that they can stimulate the lazy eye.

The earlier that lazy eye is diagnosed in childhood the more successful the treatment is. This is especially true if the child is diagnosed before age of eight.

Palming – is an eye exercise that helps your eyes to relax. Rub your hands together and cub the palms of one each hand over each eye. Keep your eyes closed whilst doing this eye exercise.

Focusing & Tracking – use an eye patch for these exercises. Cover the strong eye with the eye patch. Now take an object such as a pen and move it up and down, left to right and diagonally in the field of vision. You also can bring the object closer and then move it further away from your face. This eye exercise makes the lazy eye work and should be done to retain progress.

Rolling – this exercise helps the muscles around the lazy eye to start working. Again cover the stronger eye covered with a patch, sit somewhere comfortable. Your head and neck should be straight. Now simply raise your eyes and hold it for five seconds. Now look down and hold for five seconds. Do the same thing for left and right. Do this exercise up to five times and relax your eyes with some palming.

The more often you do these eye strengthening exercises the better the results you will have. These eye exercises should be done consistently to have the best effect.

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