How Much Does a Curved Stair Lift Cost?

How much does a curved stair lift cost? It is slightly more expensive than a straight stair chair lift, but will definitely add to the value of the building and is the only option for a curved stairway. A curved stair lift is a great help for physically handicapped and aged people who want to travel up a curved stairway in a multi-storied apartment or office. A wide range of stair lifts for curved staircases is now available in the market to assist people with disabilities and help improve their lifestyle.

Made of aluminum and steel, stair chair lifts can be installed on either side of a stairway. It comprises an electrically driven chair that moves up and down on a rail fixed to one side of the staircase. Now, battery operated stair lifts are also available. An electric stair lift automatically re-charges itself whenever it is parked, either at the bottom or the top of the stairs.

Stair lifts can be customized to suit the curves and landings of a stairway. In order to ensure the users a safe travel, these are provided with safety features:

Seat belts and swivel lock system
Obstruction sensors which sense any obstacles along the path of movement and stop the lift automatically
Constant pressure controls

What about the Curved Stair Lift Cost?

The price will vary depending on the size and shape of the staircase and other features you installed to make your curved stair lift unique. If you want a stair chair lift that is of a top range and a great model with several advanced features, then obviously you have to pay a good amount for that.

Stair chair lifts are manufactured specially according to the different staircase designs. This has a significant impact on the cost when compared to straight stair lifts, which can be fitted within a day or two of ordering them.A curved stair lift requires more manufacturing time and costs more as well.

When considering the installation cost, the charges for stair lifts for curved staircases is more since many factors such as the total number of curves along with the angle of bends, length of the staircase, and labor charges are taken into account. In addition, stair lifts for curved staircases require more maintenance than their straight stair lift counterparts.

Before buying a curved stair lift, it is very important to make a comparison between the different models available, learn more about the companies and dealers along with the prices offered. Leading manufacturers offering quality products with warranty include Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access and Savaria.

Curved Stair Lifts – DAY provides a complete line of brand name stair chair lifts from leading stair lift manufacturers such as Savaria, Bruno, and ThyssenKrupp Access.

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