How Much Does a Fedora Hat Cost?

Fedoras have become the new and all popular fashion accessory. The favorite hat of the early 20th century is becoming the favorite hat of the beginning of the 21st century. The fedora is a stylish and polished hat for both men and women. Fedoras come in a wide variety of prices. Start with this guide and a price range, and you will be able to find the fedora ideal for your lifestyle.

Affordable Fedoras for Men

If you are looking for an inexpensive but quality man’s fedora, expect to spend between $ 25.00 and $ 60.00. Hats come in straw, felt, wool, cotton, and linen. Colors range from classic dark grays, browns, and blacks, to brilliant plaids. Fedoras come with no trim, hat bands, feathers, or embroidery. Brands such as Hats in the Belfrey, Bailey, Christys, Kangol and Goorin create classic and trendy hats to suit any taste.

Higher End Fedoras for Men

If you want the very best fedora, and price isn’t an issue, browse through Cha Cha’s and Makins’ stylish designs. Prices for these hats run between $ 200.00 and $ 250.00. These hats are crafted from velour and fur felt, and formed with the utmost care. One of these posh hats is the ideal trilby for you.

Moderate Fedoras for Women

Beautiful women’s fedoras can be purchased for between $ 25.00 and $ 85.00. Go with the sleek look of the classic fedora, like one of Belfrey’s, or a more feminine variation in a Betmar fedora. Goorin makes trendy fedoras in subtle patterns. These hats are trimmed with hatbands, feathers, and other beautiful finery, sure to catch eyes and win admiration.

Expensive Fedoras for Women

Elegant and stunning fedoras are available for women willing to spend $ 175.00 to $ 300.00 on a quality hat. Many designers have created unique and beautiful variations on the classic hat. Cha Cha’s fedoras are created from fur felt and other luscious materials, and decorated with distinctive trim. Christine A. Moore’s hats are stunning, show-stealing creations. Makins hats are more subtle, reminiscent of early screen stars, speaking of charm and grace.

No matter what you intend to spend on a fedora, you will be able to find a hat that represents your style, tells who you are, and costs the perfect amount.


Learn more about men’s fedora hats and women’s fedora hats by visiting Hats in the Belfry’s website

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