How Much Does A Good Down Pillow Cost?

If you are contemplating purchasing a new down pillow you undoubtedly have seen or heard about down pillows – often considered the gold standard in bedding. When it comes to buying pillows there are several things to consider when reviewing a down pillow. In short the cost of a ‘good’ down pillow can run $ 30 to $ 120 depending on filling, size, features and of course pillow densities. This article will review each of these and help guide you to know why down pillows cost so much and is it worth it to upgrade to a luxury model tipping the scales at $ 120 per pillow. A pillows cost is made up of several factors including:

Inner Fabric
Outer Fabric
Pillow Filling

The fabric that actually holds the filling in place is the ‘shell’ and is usually a 230 thread count cambric cotton with a down proof treatment. These components can typically cost $ 1.50 to $ 5 depending on the exact thread count, presence of a woven pattern, presence of a gusset and type of decorative piping used. Most high end down pillows use a 230 TC cambric cotton shell covered on the outside with a bonus pillow protector.

The bonus cover that comes with a down pillow is referenced as the outer fabric or pillow protector and usually has a zipper closure and various thread counts. Not required to – these zippered covers are also down proof as well for an extra layer of protection. These outer protectors will cost more than the inner because they usually have a higher thread count, a intricate woven pattern and a zipper closure. These pillow protectors can range in cost from $ 2 to $ 6 per pillow.

Pillow filling in the case of down pillows is usually the highest cost component. Down itself is sold on the spot market where prices fluctuate based on time of year. So when the Chinese new year occurs there is usually a glut of fillings available for sale because down is a byproduct of consumers enjoying duck or goose meats at their holiday tables. The fillings can range from $ 5 a pound to $ 60 a pound based on fill power. Most of the basic down fillings used in bedding tends to be a 550 fill power white duck down at the $ 8 per pound price as of 2010. The species of the bird (Goose ss. Duck) dictates price much more then the color (white versus grey or brown).

Making a down pillow is pretty low key and labor plays a very small percentage in the cost structure of a pillow. The only exceptions would be for intricate products like chamber pillows or novelty shape no snore solution products.

Transporting a pillow is expensive because it takes up some much room – even though it weighs nothing. This is because the freight companies like UPS or FedEx charge their shipping rates based on the dimensional weight of an item. The cost to ship one pillow on average is about $ 10 per pillow to the majority of US addresses. Western states or states with lower volume mailings can expect to see a $ 2 to $ 5 additional shipping charge from the freight companies.

Finally the packaging used for a down pillow can range from a basic printed poly bag to a vinyl zipper bag complete with an insert and novelty touches. Packaging can vary from $ .25 to $ 3 per pillow based on packaging needs per pillow. Many times pillows sold online feature minimal packaging to keep costs down.

In summary it can cost to 5 per pillow based on the several criteria outlined above. To buy your own down pillow manufacturer direct please visit Not only are all of the bed pillows Hypoallergenic, easy care machine washable and dryable but they are made in the USA.

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