How Much Does A Typical Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

Normally, the typical kitchen remodeling cost depends primarily on the scope of the kitchen renovation project. Likewise, various decisions such as buying new kitchen cabinets vs. refacing; maintaining the existing kitchen design layout vs. rearranging and altering existing space; and laminate counters vs. solid surface kitchen countertops can determine the total cost of the entire remodeling project.

A popular remodeling magazine of national circulation places the average for a med-range kitchen remodel project at $ 56,000. A minor 10 x 20′ project can cost about $ 18,000 while a high end kitchen upgrade can run a tab of at least $ 100,000. For a more detailed kitchen remodeling quote, you may request local Bay Area contractors to provide free estimates. This will help give you an idea as to how much kitchen remodeling cost you will have to prepare for.
Most people think that a kitchen remodeling project is a daunting task with a lot of dust and noise. However, they do not have the slightest idea as to what really goes on in the entire process. Although each project is unique and different from another, there are certain things that remain constant and can be prepared and planned for. Following are some of the things you can expect once the renovation project gets underway.
– Your existing kitchen will be torn down.
– If necessary, new plumbing and electrical installations will be done.
– Walls are repaired and readied for repainting.
– Cabinets are repaired or new ones are installed.
– Tiles or other floor surface is laid out.
– Tops are measured and made a template of.
– Counter top is installed after it is fabricated and cut to the proper size.
– Final plumbing and electrical connections are installed and made operational.
– And finally, new kitchen appliances are commissioned and other fixtures such as towel bars and mirrors are put in place.
Normally, the project will proceed at a fast pace in the beginning stages that includes demo, framing, and cabinet works. The pace will gradually taper off towards the last few stages when drywall, carpentry, and finishing works are being done as these are the more time-consuming aspects of the entire project. It also requires a lot of attention to details that is why they are not rushed. Over all, proper planning and careful execution is necessary for a successful implementation and to avoid additional expenses that can only add up to the total kitchen remodeling cost.

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