How Much Does Arm Lift Surgery Generally Cost?

If you have unwanted fat and sagging skin in the upper arms, you can address the issue with an arm lift or brachioplasty. Plastic surgeons now have a wide choice of advanced modalities for removing this cellulite and excessive skin to give you well-contoured arms. Of course, all plastic surgery is expensive, and one of the questions that prospective patients ask is ‘how much does arm lift surgery generally cost?’ The cost of the surgery depends on various factors as discussed below.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Arm Lift Surgery

The cost of cosmetic surgery varies among regions and from surgeon to surgeon. Other factors that go into determining cost are the extent of surgery you require and length of the procedure, type of anesthesia, medication, medical tests, surgical garments, and other additional expenses. Make sure you ask your surgeon at the initial consultation about how much your procedure will cost, though this shouldn’t be the factor that determines your decision.

Plastic surgeon’s fee: An experienced surgeon could charge more for the procedure. The surgeon’s fee covers overhead expenses such as salaries for his staff, rent, and malpractice insurance. A part would also go into paying taxes.
Geographical area: The cost of an arm tuck or lift is usually higher in big cities. So if you are having the procedure done in a metro, choose a skilled and experienced surgeon so that you’re assured of the best results.
Anesthesiologist’s fee: This usually depends on the length of the procedure. The cost would be ore if an anesthetist administered your sedation. If you surgeon administers your sedation or if only local anesthesia is used, there would be no separate anesthetist’s fee.
Extent of surgery required: If you have a lot of excessive fat and skin in the upper arms, the surgery may require general anesthesia, would take more time, and cost more. Liposuction is usually needed to perfect the results. On the other hand, some arm lifts require only briefer procedures, can be done under local anesthesia, and therefore cost less.
Where the surgery is performed: If your surgery is performed in physician’s surgical facility, it would be less expensive than if it were done in a hospital. Choose an AAAASF-accredited surgical facility to ensure safety and efficacy.
Other expenses: The cost of prescription medications, blood tests, stockings, or special post-surgical garments are required would also have to be considered.

Schedule a Consultation

To understand how much your arm lift surgery would cost, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in the procedure. The surgeon will help you decide on the technique that will work best for you and tell you how much it will cost. The best way is to short-list a few surgeons, schedule several consultations and consider the price range. Many surgeons offer their patients convenient financing options. Finally, always remember that cost shouldn’t be one of the main factors influencing your decision. Choose a surgeon you are comfortable with and would offer results to meet your aesthetic goals in a safe and comfortable environment.

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