How Much Does Bartending School Cost?

Many people are interested in becoming a bartender but there’s one overarching question–“How much does bartending school cost?”

Depending on the state that you’re in and the school that you go to (or if you do online bartending classes), it could cost anywhere from $ 200 to $ 800. But keep in mind, much like anything other purchase, you get what you pay for – that means, the cheap online schools may not be accredited by their respective state governments and/or education affiliates.

The next question, and an important one at that, you have to ask yourself is, “How long is it going to take me to earn that back?”

Well, depending on what type of bartender job you get after you’re trained, you can earn it back in a single shift! Can you imagine another type of job training with that type of return on your investment?

Coming back to “you get what you pay for”… a low cost bartending school is much like a cheap gym, you will NOT be getting all the perks. The most important benefit of an established school is the job placement assistance. A top-notch school will have connections with local and even nationwide restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.. to where your job hunt is minimal. That way, you can earn back the cost of the bartending school is as little as a night!

People go to college and spend upwards of $ 50,000 sometimes! It can take a year or more to earn that much money back. Imagine going to bartending classes, paying $ 500 and earning it back in a single night!

Another perk to a higher costing bartending academy (which is our “fancy” name for school) is they offer refresher courses that you can take nationwide. For details on this, please contact our school and we will be happy to explain further.

So with regard to the question of “How much does bartending school cost?” The answer ultimately is that:

1. It depends on several factors, such as

a. Is it online or in person
b. Do they have perks (like job placement assistance and refresher courses)

2. It doesn’t really matter because you’ll probably earn it back within a few weeks!

No matter what happens to the economy there will always be a need for bartenders. There’s no way your job’s going to be shipped overseas. Really, even if bartending school cost $ 5,000 it would still be a pretty good investment.

Not to mention, bartending classes are fun! And you learn what you need to learn in just a couple of weeks.

I run a bartending school in Baltimore, MD – if you’re interested in becoming a bartender, please visit:

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