How Much Does Golf Carts Cost?

Golf cart is a motorized vehicle used in the transport of golf players in and around the Golf course. It has acquired widespread popularity in the recent years. It is mainly due to multi purpose usability of the vehicle. Nowadays it is not just used as an aid in Golf course but also for a variety of other purposes. It is used in personal transport and some regard it as a symbol of status and wealth.

They were introduced in the early 1950s and at a price range between $ 300 and $ 500. The first generation golf carts were battery powered. The rechargeable batteries can be plugged to a power source for recharging. Nowadays advanced electric powered ones are being used which give increased drive time and power. In the late 1970s Gas powered Golf carts made their debut. They were more powerful and costlier than the battery powered ones. They had a price tag between $ 1100 and $ 1500.

They are available in a variety of ranges. It is basically categorized on the power and size of the cart. There are carts suited for transporting 2 people and there are ones that can transport 6 people at a time. The purpose of the Golf cart decides the size and power the cart should have. But as the power and size of the cart increases, the cost also increases.

A basic Golf cart consists of 3 pedals, one each for moving, stopping and parking. In some them an additional lever is provided which acts as the forward or reverse gear. Nowadays a lot of alterations can be done on the this cart. It can be more or else made up like a miniature car. Modern Golf carts come in a variety of colors and luxurious features. The customers demand more and more from them. So it is common to see a Golf carts with plush leather seats, hi-fi music system, Plexiglas windshields etc. These modifications can add up to as much as $ 7000 or $ 8000. The infinite options of modifying the cart have made its price to go as high as $ 30,000.

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