How Much Does It Cost To Have Liposuction On Your Chin?

Chin liposuction is becoming the popular cosmetic surgery choice for people with double chins or hanging jowls. This cosmetic surgery procedure resolves these issues by removing excess fat deposits and/or sagging skin in the upper neck area, and provides the patient with a smooth, clean jaw line and neck. As with other aesthetic procedures, one of the first questions that prospective patients ask is: ‘how much does it cost to have liposuction on your chin’? Liposuction is undoubtedly pricey as plastic surgeons use advanced techniques. However, the results of the surgery are quite remarkable. The cost of the surgery is actually influenced by many factors other than the procedure itself.

Important Factors that determine Chin Liposuction Cost

The average cost of chin liposuction ranges from $ 1500 to $ 3000. Prices for the procedure vary between states and cities. The main factors that influence cost are:

Techniques used: There are different methods of liposuction that can be used to remove excess fat cells from the chin, such as Smartlipo Triplex laser-assisted liposuction technique, ultrasound technique, and more.
The surgeon: Experienced surgeons could charge a higher fee.
Type of anesthesia: Local anesthesia costs less than general anesthesia as operating room and recovery room times are shorter. In laser liposuction the surgeon makes use of local anesthesia to numb the area that needs treatment. The ultimate choice will be based on the patient’s comfort level and the recommendations of the surgeon and anesthesiologist.
Extent and duration of the surgery: The time needed to perform the liposuction surgery varies from patient to patient as it depends on the extent of the problem. An elaborate procedure would cost more.
Clinic: it is important to keep in mind that there will be slight variations in the prices that different clinics charge.
Geographical location: The part of the country in which the surgery is done also affects the cost. Cosmetic surgery costs more in big cities.
Post-operative recovery: If you choose to recover in a special room following your surgery, you would have to pay for the extra amenities and facilities
Follow-up visits: Some surgeons include the cost of post-operative follow-up visits in the surgical fees.
Secondary procedures: In some cases, secondary procedures may be necessary to achieve the results you want, which could take up the price.

The total cost is the sum of the surgical fee plus non-surgical fees. Surgical fees include the cost of the actual surgical procedure. The non-surgical fees would include the following:

• Facility or operating room fee
• Nursing and facility staff fee
• Cost of laboratory tests
• Amount of the drug prescribed by the surgeon and cost of anesthesiologist
• Amount to be incurred on post-operative visits (if not included in surgical fee)
• Cost of liposuction compression garment and supplies

There may or may not be substantial fees for incidental items. In any case, it necessary that you talk to your surgeon and have a clear idea of what your expenses will be so that there are no hidden costs.

Evaluate the Surgeon’s Experience and Surgical Facility

Many patients go abroad for liposuction surgery if they find that the cost is lower in other countries. However, it is not advisable to choose a surgeon by considering only the price of chin liposuction. You have to make sure that the surgeon is experienced, and can provide the desired results. It is of utmost importance to consider the clinic: check whether the facility has adequate professional staff, qualified nursing staffs to help you in the operating room and during your recovery process, and whether the facility has safety systems in place. It is these factors, besides other, that account for price variation. So before having liposuction on your chin, consider all these factors to enjoy effective and long-lasting results.

New York City Plastic SurgeryChin liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure which removes excess fat deposits and sagging skin of the upper neck area.