How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Skywalk Grand Canyon?

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. When compared to the cost of other Vegas attractions, the bridge is a consummate deal. But only if you purchase the right package.

I have been covering the Skywalk for a long time, and I will be the first to acknowledge that figuring out how much it costs can be a bit of a mystery. I’ve just investigated prices and they’ve changed again! But in a good way.

Here’s the Latest Menu of Prices

The last price update simplified costs. It was an unfathomable mish-mash before. Here’s where things stand now:

Hualapai Legacy Package

$ 43.05 per person

Legacy Silver

$ 55.83 per person

Legacy Gold Package

$ 86.81 per person

These prices include all taxes and fees.

The Packages

My thought is that if you make it out to the West Rim, you’ve got to do the Skywalk. To be fair, there are many people who are happy to stand at Grand Canyon West and savor the stunning views. Fortunately, there’s a package for all kinds of visitors. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Hualapai Legacy

This option does not include the Sky Walk. It does give you unrestricted admittance to the Grand Canyon West, wherein you can use the hop-on-hop-off shuttle to see Guano Point, Eagle Point, the Hualapai Ranch, and the Native American Village.

Legacy Silver

Same as the Hualapai Legacy Package but includes a BBQ lunch and a $ 5 souvenir shop voucher.

Legacy Gold

The best for last! Includes unlimited access to the glass bridge, plus everything in the Silver Package,

Location is Everything

The Glass Bridge makes for a great tour from Las Vegas. It’s only 120 away from Sin City. You can drive yourself there but understand that the final 10 miles to the West Rim are on rough unpaved dirt road. Rent a sport utility vehicle with four-wheel-drive. Or purchase a trip and leave the driving to a skilled guide (at the time of writing, there are accounts that GPS units are inaccurately delivering directions to the Grand Canyon West).

Grand Canyon Glass Bridge from Las Vegas

I’ve run the numbers on self-driving to this attraction and it’s too high (insurance, SUV rental, gas, parking, Park fee, etc.). Tours from Vegas are by far the most inexpensive. There are lots from which to choose:


It takes a helicopter less than an hour to reach the rim. Plans range from just the Skywalk to flying 4,000 feet to the bottom and boating down the Colorado River (my favorite).


Planes take just 25 minutes and are the quickest way to get there. Includes same side-trips that are available with chopper tours.

Tour bus

Perfect for travelers on a budget. Takes 2.5 hours to get to Grand Canyon West. Expect to spend half a day or more on this tour (it’s worth it!). Same add-ons that come with chopper rides.

Getting There is Half the Fun

The great thing about Sin City trips to the West Rim is the journey over. Highlights include Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the nation, historic Hoover Dam (spectacular from the air; bus trips include a photo stop), the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, the Colorado River, Black Canyon, and an ancient stand of Joshua Tree forest.

Best Prices? Go on the internet!

If you drive yourself, there are no promotions. You turn up at Grand Canyon West and you pay fixed prices. Tours are a different story. The Glass Walkway is very popular and travel specialists in most cases are getting a high price. Don’t be that person. Browse the Internet. There are some awesome offers on the Web. I personally use a broker who saves me up to 35 percent It’s a fact that tour operators and brokers post their very best prices online. Make sure to apprise yourself of them.

Ready to Walk the Glass Bridge?

Don’t let Grand Canyon Skywalk’s price hold you back from enjoying this wonderful outdoor attraction. The only misstep here is to take the cheap package (or self-drive). Tours from Vegas, for me, are the best way to do this trip. They come with everything and you don’t have to deal with that dirt road. No matter how you get to Grand Canyon West, just make sure you skywalk the canyon before you leave Las Vegas. The experience is worth it.

Mr. Kravitz is a professional travel writer who review trips to the Grand Canyon. Here’s his list of the top Grand Canyon Skywalk deals. New specials posted daily.

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