How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

If you are considering going in for surgical eye correction, you may be wondering how much does LASIK eye surgery cost and price points in your area. The biggest factor is going to be the doctor that you select for the procedure, but there are some other factors that will determine how much you ultimately pay.

Besides the selected professional, the biggest determinant in price is the type of instrument to be used. Traditional LASIK surgery is done with hand held blades and instruments, but most consumers today prefer to have it done with lasers. Of course, there is a slightly higher charge for the newer procedures such as laser.

The average price at this point in 2009 is around $ 2,000 for each eye corrected. The price tends to fall a bit below this number for traditional surgeries with hand held tools, and a little above this number laser surgeries.

Of course, this price can be adjusted by doctors depending on the amount of correction that needs to be done and how much aftercare and follow-up work each patient is likely to require.

Another factor that can increase the overall price is the use of special technologies, such as Wavefront LASIK surgery. This is a special procedure that is more precise and can accomplish more detailed corrections when necessary. Consumers should average around $ 2, 500 per eye for something specialized like this.

These prices are by no means quotes for any individual consumer. They are more like guidelines to give an idea of what the procedures may run. By calling around to local professionals, most consumers will be able to find special deals and discounts that offer lower rates.

A qualified professional can do an initial consultation and give a more exact quote, depending on their own rates and deals and the exact amount of correction to be done. This is the only way to really predict how much does LASIK eye surgery cost and prices will be for an individual.

You may have wondered what LASIK eye surgery cost if you’ve thought about the LASIK procedure. There’s more to it than how much does LASIK eye surgery cost, however, as you’ll want quality of work first and foremost.

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