How Much Does Medifast Charge For Shipping?

I sometimes have people contact me and ask me about the charge for medifast shipping. Many times, they are trying to place in order in the cheapest way possible and the cost of shipping comes into play when calculating this. So, in the following article, I’ll go over some different options you have when it comes to shipping and will tell you how much each option generally costs.

Medifast Shipping Charges On Individual Items And Meals: I usually order my foods in a package since it turns out to be cheaper this way when you use the right coupons. But, on occasion, I place individual orders if I want some extras or at the request of friends. And, I’m always pleasantly surprised that the shipping isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. For example, I recently placed an order for several individual boxes of meals. I ordered a box of each of: shakes; bars; brownies; oatmeals; and soups. My grand total came out to be about $ 80 and I was charged about $ 9 for shipping. Now, I was getting a lot of food and this was for someone who just wanted to try the foods for a week or two. But, if you’re sure you want to give this diet a real chance, it can be cheaper (both in terms of shipping and actual total cost) to order a package, especially if you plan to try medifast out for a month or so.

Medifast Shipping Charges With A Package: Medifast offers you the option of two different packages – the two week and the four week. The two week package (as the name implies) gives you enough food to eat five times per day for 14 days. So, you’re obviously getting much more food (about twice as much) than the example I gave above where I was ordering individual items, but the shipping on this is only slightly more at about $ 10 as of this writing. So you can see that they give you a break on shipping if you order a package and that break is even more significant if you go with a 4 week package.

Although there are many options to choose from if you’re ordering a 4 week package (women’s or men’s, basic, diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) they all have the same base price. And they also allow the best coupons and the greatest discounts. Plus, the shipping on these packages (which give you enough food for a month) are, as of this writing, only a little over $ 5.

Medifast Autoship Often Offers Free Shipping: The last option is generally for people who know that they’ll be on the diet for more than a few months. With auto ship, you arrange for them to send you a new shipment when the old one runs out until you cancel. They often give you a discount on subsequent orders in addition to free shipping on every order.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that the shipping prices with this diet aren’t too bad and the best deal often depends on how long you plan to be on the diet. My rule of thumb is usually if you could be on the diet for as long as a month, it’s generally cheaper to buy a monthly package and take advantage of the discounts and coupons.

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