How Much Does Paid Household Chores Cost: Tips From Your Budget Planner

Household chores can be really tough and sometimes takes hours to finish everything. For housewives it certainly is tedious especially if there are kids that also needs taking care of. Some would consider buying cleaning equipments to make work easier but some also prefer to hire another person to do the these chores for them. Especially those people who are too busy with their career. But these kinds of services don’t come cheap. Thankfully, there’s a reliable budgeting planner. This is someone to give us expert advice and possible cost estimation when hiring professional help.

It can be really convenient and relaxing for not having the need to do the household chores. However,  it is better to know whether it’s actually practical or not to hire them by checking the possible expenses below.


Grocery Delivery. Online shopping can be really convenient. You can buy the things that you want and need by just clicking the items you like in your favorite websites. No need to go to shopping mall and department stores. Nowadays, you can actually do the same with your groceries. Buy your groceries without the hassle of going to the supermarket. Just click and pay through your credit cards. However, what’s really costly is the delivery charge. Your goods will be delivered to your doorstep at the cost of $ 12 -that is if you’re in the same city. The more you buy, the higher the charge can be. Expect it to reach $ 20-$ 30.

Pet Sitters. For some people, their pets are their babies. That’s why it’s difficult to go away without making sure that they get the right taking care of. If you need someone to look after your pet, call on a pet sitter. You’re assured that your pet will be fed, bathed and even groomed. However, expect to pay at least $ 8- $ 12 dollars per hour of this professional service.

House movers. Moving out can be really tedious especially if you have a lot of stuffs to move with you. House movers are great help when you need to move all your stuffs in just one trip, especially if you need some help to carry your furniture and other heavy things. Just keep in mind that it could also cost you about $ 40 -and that is only the average cost. Depending on the destination and the weight of your stuffs, the price could soar.


House organizers. When buying a new house or moving in a new pad, some people usually hire a professional to organize their place for them. House organizers are just skilled to make the most of the space and stuffs in your house. However, even with just a studio type or a small apartment, these organizing skills can be hired at the price of at least $ 120.


Can you afford these services? It is important to give these costs some consideration before hiring one of these professional help. Call on our trusted finance expert to help with your home budget. This person can give you some advice on how to handle your finances better.

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