How Much on Average Does it Cost to Have a Dog Per Year?

Raising a dog is like raising a child, no matter how much you try to budget what you are going to spend on the child at any given time throughout the year something always comes up. Let’s start out by saying that for example you have a medium sized dog, not as big as the Saint Bernard, but Bigger than a Toy Poodle, your dog is healthy with no reoccurring medical issues, and they are two years old, just out of the puppy stage and not yet into the advanced care category.

Using a medium dog that is healthy and in the prime of its life will better help us average out a cost for the basic needs of almost all dogs. Let us start by breaking it down by the month. A medium sized dog is going to go through about five bags of dog food in this duration; a cheap dog food will cost about five dollars a bag. A top brand food will run you about 20 dollars a bag; let us stick with the medium again and say you are going to go with a food that is about ten dollars per bag. If you times the ten dollars a bag by the five bags a month that you will be spending 50 dollars a month on just the food that your dog will need.

As far as health related expenses, you are going to at the very least going to have to make sure that your dog has his heart worm prevention medicine every month. If you take him to the vet to get this dose it is going to run you for the medicine itself around ten dollars plus the vet fee which most vets charge 50 dollars an office visit. So far, we are up to 100 dollars a month. Another big expense that you are going to come across monthly is flea prevention.

Most vets will tell you that Frontline is one of the best flea medicines that you can use on your dog. It is a monthly dose; that most vets will but on your dog when they are administering their heartworm medication, or you can do it at home, it is a very simple application, either way it will cost you 20 dollars a month, bringing the total up to 120 monthly. The last major expense that you will have on a monthly basis is grooming.

While most grooming can be done at home, many people like to take their dogs to a professional to take care of them. Let’s say that you bath your dog at home on a regular basis, and you take care of them with the flea medicine, so all the groomer is going to have to do is a quick shampoo and trimming and shape up the dogs nails, most places for a medium dog will charge 30 dollars for the maintained treatment. If you add all these expenses up, just figuring in all the basic needs of your dog, the number is 150 dollars a month.

To find out what the average cost is for a year you need to take the 150 a month and times that by the 12 months in a year and you come up with 1800 dollars a year to supply your dog with its basic care needs. If this number seems outlandish, remember there are things that you can do to lower it. You can go online and purchase certain brands of dog food in bulk rates at lower prices. You can also administer your dog’s medications at home to cut down on extra vet bills. You could even learn to groom your dog yourself. Expenses are made to adjust, and costs never stay the same.

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