Plastic Surgery Prices – How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

Plastic Surgery Prices

Beauty does have its cost, and when you are looking into plastic surgery, you should definitely make yourself aware of the actual cost of the procedure you want done before calling any surgeon’s office. Everyone has had a friend who claimed to pay $ 1,000 for breast implants or $ 3,000 for a nose job, but most of the time, these discounted plastic surgeons are a really bad idea. After all, this is your body, and even bad work you have done will be permanent, or at least will cost a lot of money to be able to fix.

For this reason, it is never worth going to a non-accredited, cut-rate facility to get work done. We have all seen celebrities who have paid good money and still had horrible work done, so why make the whole process even more risky that it already is?

Make sure you know how much a procedure should really cost when done right.

Getting work done can also seem relatively inexpensive when you are just looking at the cost of the surgeon. But like any surgery being done, whether it be out of medical necessity or aesthetic preference, there are other fees you will have to pay for anesthesia, the use of the operating room, and the cost of implants.

The price estimates you see mentioned below are all-inclusive, taking into account any fee you might incur, as well as the cost of the surgeon. However, if you simply call a surgeon who you were considering going to and ask for a quote, they will probably only quote you the surgeon fee. When you call, be sure and ask about those other fees so you get a clear idea of how much the work really will cost.

The cost of plastic surgery is generally the same anywhere in the US.

It is interesting to note that the price of any procedure is relatively static, no matter where you go in the United States. Of course, there are doctors in Hollywood and Beverly Hills whose services may cost much more. Any particularly famous plastic surgeon may charge quite a bit more than the price you see quoted below. But the following estimates are about how much it should cost to go to a good surgeon almost anywhere in the US. Plastic Surgery Prices

-Botox costs anywhere from $ 200-$ 400 per area that you want done.

-collagen injections range from $ 500-$ 1500 per area.

-permanent eyeliner or lip liner costs anywhere from $ 300-$ 1000.

-getting rid of a tattoo with a laser costs $ 300-$ 800.

-getting rid of spider veins with a laser costs $ 400-$ 1000.

-hair removal with a laser costs $ 300-$ 800.

-a tummy tuck costs $ 6000-$ 8000.

-liposuction costs depend on how much of your body you want it done on. If you only have 1 area done, it costs $ 2500-$ 4500. 3 areas cost $ 5500-$ 7000, and 5 areas costs $ 8000-$ 10,000.

-breast augmentation with silicone implants costs $ 6000-$ 8000, and a breast lift costs $ 5000-$ 6000.

-for men, pectoral implants cost $ 6000-$ 7000.

-chin or cheek implants range from $ 3000 to $ 4500.

-a nose job costs $ 5000-$ 6000.

-an eyelid tuck (for both upper and lower lids) costs $ 4000-$ 5,500.

-an entire face lift costs $ 7000-$ 9000.

-just a forehead lift only costs $ 3500-$ 5000.

-if you want your lips augmented, that is $ 600-$ 2000.

-a deep chemical peel is $ 3500-$ 5000.

-dermabrasion is $ 2000-$ 4000.

and finally, labiaplasty is $ 2500-$ 4000.

So, if the surgeon you are looking into going to is always at the upper range of these prices, or even higher, you may want to consider going to a different surgeon. But, just like when you find an honest car mechanic that knows what they are doing, the higher price for a really good surgeon may be worth it in the long run. Plastic Surgery Prices

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