Eye Exercises For Better Vision | The Board Magazine

By Beep Pocock

I was driving at night when I first noticed my vision wasn’t as good as it used to be. I noticed I couldn’t see a clear picture in front of me. The passing cars and lorries were blurred.

This scared me.

And not just because I was driving a car at the time.

I’d never had any eye problems before. So I’d never visited an optician. So when I did visit an optician about my vision problem I was devastated when I was told I needed glasses. I’d never worn glasses. And I didn’t want to wear either glasses or contact lenses. Mostly though…I didn’t want to admit to myself that wearing glasses was a sign I was getting older.

But I did start wearing glasses. And even though I’d chosen a nice pair of glasses I hated wearing them. I became very self-conscious. I felt as if anybody I spoke to was staring at my new glasses. I even tried contact lenses but my eyes felt uncomfortable.

That’s when I started looking if there are others ways to improve my eyesight.

And I discovered eye exercises for better vision. I’d never heard of these before. But they sounded simple to do. So I started doing them. Every day I’d set aside some time and run through the routine.

Here are the eye exercises I used to improve my vision.

* Blinking.

* Palming.

* Central Fixation

* Shifting and swinging.

* The Long Swing

* Reading the Snellen eye test card.

After doing these exercises for a couple of weeks my eyesight had definitely improved. Objects were no longer blurred. I could read an extra couple of lines on the eye test card. This was big progress. You can imagine how delighted I was.

Now a few months down the line, I no longer needed to wear glasses and I believe that is as a result of doing the eye exercises. I am extremely happy, for one I don’t need to wear my ugly glasses (yes, I am vain), two I don’t have to incur the ridiculous costs with having to buy new glasses or cotact lenses every year.

So if you want to go down the route of helping yourself improve your eyesight, then I definitely recommend that you start doing eye exercises, it worked for me very quickly and I have every faith that it will work for you.

Beep Pocock set out to discover how to improve her eyesight. To find out more about how to improve your eyesight naturally go to: http://www.besteyeexercises.net/