Health n Exercise News Articles: How To Get Better Eyesight

As people we aren’t always lucky to have perfect eyesight. And many
people suffer from eye problems. So keeping your eyesight in good
working order and fully efficient is very important. It’s often due to
your eye lenses becoming misaligned that your eyes become affected with
eye disorders, many of these can cause people to lose there 20 / 20

The most widespread eye disorders people suffer from are: myopia and
astigmatism. But these can be corrected by using glasses or contact
lenses. However, by using glasses or contact lenses you actually are
continually making your eyesight worse, as your eyes become used and
expect the help of the lenses.

There are of course natural ways to get better eyesight. People are
finding that the most popular way to improve their eyesight is to do
some simple eye exercises. There are various eye exercises that will
help your eyesight such as: palming, near & far focusing, pencil
exercise. You’ll find that as your eye muscles get the right exercise
that the misalignment will usually correct itself over time. At the very
least people find that their eye problems don’t worsen.

Getting your stress level down is also very important to help your
eyesight. That’s because a study done in 1989 by the University of
Zurich, showed that stress can cause your eyesight to worsen over time.
By finding ways to relax such as meditation, going for walks and taking
time out for yourself – you can control your stress levels and this is
very important to get better eyesight Many people also find that
changing their diet can improve their vision.

Certain antioxidants and minerals are known to improve your vision. B
Vitamins are very important to eye health. Vitamin B can be found in
vegetables, eggs and wholegrain breads. Vitamin A is also great for eye
health so make sure you include carrots and green vegetables in your
diet. Another great vitamin for improving your eyesight is vitamin E so
by adding sunflower seeds, almonds and apricots to your diet you’ll be
taking care of your eyesight.

Studies show that people who consume large amounts of fruits and
vegetables are less likely to suffer from eye diseases or problems. One
such super-food is blueberries these are full of antioxidant properties.
And the super-food for the vegetables is the green leafed vegetables
these should be included in your daily diet. For instance spinach help
in fighting age related eye diseases such as cataracts.

So there are several ways to help you get better eyesight – so you can start on the route of improving your own eyesight.