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PRLog (Press Release)Aug. 31, 2013HAMPTON, U.K.Hi there, Adam here; I want to tell you about an eBook I purchased called Vision Without Glasses (OFFICIAL SITE).  The eBook was authored by Duke Peterson, though most of the techniques inside were actually created by a doctor who lived between 1860 and 1931 named William Horatio Bates.  I could tell you this was a life-changing eBook, but I am worried you will think that I’m exaggerating.  Instead, I’ll just tell you what this book actually helped me to do, and you can decide for yourself if it’s something that might be able to help you too.

My Myopia Story

Myopia, if you aren’t aware of this, is the technical term for nearsightedness.  I developed myopia while I was growing up.  I think I got my first pair of glasses when I was nine.  At first, the decline was gradual, but after a couple of years, it became pretty pronounced.  Thankfully it stopped when I was in my early 20s, but it was still pretty bad.  I had to buy those expensive high-index glasses or they were unbearably thick and heavy.

I always remembered that when I first started wearing glasses, the eye doctor told me I shouldn’t wear them all the time or my vision would get worse.  And he was right.

Who Was William Horatio Bates?

William Horatio Bates is actually a very well-known researcher.  If you look him up on Wikipedia, you’ll see what I mean.  There’s a ton of information on him and on the “Bates Method” which he developed for naturally improving vision without the need for glasses.  You’ll notice that studies on his work have mixed results, but that he has received plenty of esteem among medical experts.  Bates believed that nearsightedness stemmed from a combination of bad habits and muscle tension.  So he developed his techniques to try and correct both.

In Vision Without Glasses, you’ll get to learn more about the Bates Hypothesis as well as his techniques.  The eBook even includes the Original Dr. Bates Research Primer, a set of eye charts you can test your progress with, and unlimited email support for as long as you need it from Peterson.  The cost for all of these components is $37.  That’s not bad when you think how much you spend on contact lenses or glasses.  There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee.  That’s two months to decide if the program is helping you.  Since you can expect improvements within one to three months, most people will see positive change before the 60-day trial expires.  I did!

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Just 15 Minutes a Day

What did I actually do to improve my vision?  There were eye movement and visualization exercises based off of the ones that Bates recommended.  The exercises only took about fifteen minutes a day.  It was hard to stick with it in the beginning, but I’m glad I built up some discipline, because within just a month I started to achieve improvements.  A couple of months later, things were actually much better.  I stopped using my glasses all the time.  There were also some other improvements.  I had fewer tension headaches than I did in the past.  There were also recommendations included in the eBook for treating the ones I did have which were caused by eye strain.

I do want to add that it’s very important that you make sure you are properly doing the techniques.  I found them very intuitive and simple and didn’t have any questions, but applying techniques improperly can lead to problems.  So if you do have any questions, do some additional reading or talk to an ophthalmologist who takes a positive attitude toward Bates’ research to get some advice.  Or better yet—just take advantage of the email support offer.

I was very pleased not only with the core content of the eBook but also the bonus materials which were included at no additional cost.  It really impressed me I was able to get in touch with Peterson and ask questions at any time, and also that there were no limitations on this support.  The advice you can get is personalized, which makes it even more effective.

How Well Did It Work?

The first couple of weeks, I didn’t notice any improvements.  But I told myself to be patient, and I started doing my exercises more diligently.  About two weeks after I started doing them every single day, I started to have an inkling that my eyesight might be slightly better.  I still thought I might be imagining it, but it was an encouraging sign of progress.  After another two weeks, I was certain there were minor improvements.  By that time, I had decided for sure that I wasn’t going to return the eBook and wouldn’t need to take advantage of that 60-day refund guarantee.

By the time the refund guarantee expired, two months after I had gotten started, I was actually unable to wear my glasses and use them anymore because my vision had gotten that much better!  I endured this awkwardness for another month while I continued to work on improving my vision.  Then I went to see my eye doctor to get a new prescription.  He was stunned when he told me that my vision had actually improved, and that I needed a weaker prescription, particularly at my age!  He said it was the first time he’d ever seen that kind of improvement.  In case you need to know, my prescription went from -4.25 diopters in both eyes to -2.75.

So now maybe you can see why I say that Vision Without Glasses really did change my life.  I was hesitant to say it (or even believe it at first), but I can see better than I’ve been able to see since I was eleven or twelve years old.  It’s really an amazing thing to be able to improve something like vision, which I just took for granted.  If you want to improve your vision naturally at any age, try purchasing this eBook, and make sure you are doing the techniques correctly.  Take advantage of that email support service, and good luck!

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