Canadian LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is so efficient and well received that many countries provide such a surgery to help patients regain a clear vision. Here below are some basic facts about the Lasik in Canada.

Like trips, hotels and meals, LASIK in Canada is tax deductible, which indicates that less money will be needed than that needed in the United States. What’s more, a free obligation pre-operation evaluation will be offered where the patients will be asked some questions concerning the procedure. It helps the patients know what they are going to do before the surgery and before they sign the consent form. Like the LASIK we have already known, Canadian LASIK is also an out-patient procedure, where a few minutes are needed for the completion of the surgery, and the patients are supposed to be able to go home and participate in daily activities.

Similarly, not every one is a good candidate for a LASIK eye surgery in Canada. One who is going to have such a procedure must be at least 18 years old, do not have any eye diseases related to the cornea or retina, have stable vision for one or two years. Having both a good health condition and eye condition is necessary.

Although only a few minutes are needed for the completion of the surgery, however, about 4 hours in average is needed for the completion of the whole procedure, because one has to get preparation works done, including an eye examination, counseling and the administration of anesthetic eye drops. And then comes the operation, where the surgeon will create a flap over the cornea and apply a laser to reshape the cornea. Finally, the flap will be repositioned. There will be no scars left, for the flap is created to be rather tiny, and it can be recovered within a short period of time. When the surgery is done, one will be arranged to lie in the rest room to get relaxed. Half an hour is usually needed. After the doctor or the surgeon makes sure that you are in a stable condition, and then you can go home. But you will be required to be back every several days for post surgery checks.

One of the biggest difference between LASIK in Canada in the United States is that the LASIK surgery in Canada is not regulated, so many patients would go there to have this procedure, however, for the sake of eye health, you are suggested to choose the best doctor do you will not end with a doctor who are not so well qualified.

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