Correcting Vision With Lasik Surgery

Blurred vision is something that affects the majority of Americans. Having some form of visual distortion in their eyes, many people are forced to wear contacts or glasses to help them see correctly. With the disability that has reached epidemic proportions in the United States some people are deciding that it is time they liberated themselves from their optical crutches and underwent laser eye surgery.

For many people in Washington DC Lasik surgery is becoming a more affordable alternative to dealing with wearing glasses or contact lenses. Being able to see clearly is certainly a benefit to many people in the nation’s capital. Without having to rely on a pair of glasses to correct their blurred vision, those that have already had a Lasik procedure performed are reporting the incredible results of their outpatient surgery.

Taking place on a Friday afternoon many patients of Washington DC Lasik centers are able to rest their eyes over the weekend and return to work on Monday having their vision completely restored. While the actual procedure only takes a few moments to complete the eye must become accustomed to focusing without the need for glasses or contact lenses. By scheduling the laser guided surgical treatment at the end of the week a patient will have less stress on their vision from their daily activities around the office.

Enjoying their restored vision immediately following their Lasik procedure the majority of patients that have been to a Washington DC Lasik center report being able to see clearly. As an amazing event in their life that they never dreamed possible many people are astounded by the fact that they can wake up in the morning and read their alarm clock without squinting.

As the technology to perform more accurate and permanent eye surgeries has led to the development of corneal mapping, individuals with astigmatism can easily have the contours of their cornea reshaped by the laser to allow them the joy of perfect eyesight. With the addition of a few eye drops to moisturize the retinal area and encourage proper tearing in the eye, patients that undergo the elective vision correction surgery are able to do many things that were not able to with the limitation of their corrective glasses or contact lenses.

For some people that have been to a Washington DC Lasik center the opportunity to gain a pilot’s license or dive in the ocean without prescription goggles is an exciting prospect that is an added benefit of being able to wake up in the morning and not have to reach over to the nightstand to pick up their glasses.

Liberty Laser Eye Center ( is proud to offer state-of-the-art LASIK surgery in Washington DC Lasik and the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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