Glaucoma Surgery Cost

Glaucoma Surgery Cost Differs From One Country To Another.


The amount of money spent on glaucoma surgery in the USA is about $ 1.56 billion annually. The glaucoma surgery cost is quiet high considering it can only provide a temporary relief. But at least its progression can be suspended or slowed down. A person who has glaucoma will most likely spend more than once for the glaucoma surgery cost and other related treatment as it can recur after the surgery. Glaucoma surgery cost depends on the type of surgery and where your area is. The way to reduce the glaucoma surgery cost is using medication treatment before the surgery is administered.


Medication treatment can help decrease the necessity of administering a surgery because it can make the condition better. In return, the glaucoma surgery cost will be minimized. Medications are prescribed by doctors in order to lower the pressure level in the eye which gradually damages the vision nerve. There are two methods of doing this. One is changing the draining of the fluid in the eye, and the other is increasing the outflow of fluid. When the medications do not work, a person has to undergo a surgery to stop the eye damages being caused by glaucoma. The glaucoma surgery cost is a considerable amount so the patient should be financially prepared before the surgery.


The main purpose of the surgery is to reduce pressure in the eye by increasing the flow of the fluid. Most of the time, the glaucoma surgery cost is high when it is more risky and more complications are involve. Such is the case in closed-angle glaucoma. But operations like open-angle glaucoma surgery are not as expensive because it is not very risky. Although both of these types of surgery aim at increasing the flow of fluid in the eye, their costs are not the same. Aside from the complications involve, Glaucoma surgery cost vary based on your country or area. If you are in India, glaucoma surgery is less costly in comparison to surgery done in USA or other western countries. The difference is caused by the equipment costs which are obviously not the same for every country.



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