Lasik Surgery And Preoperative Visit

LASIK is a laser eye surgery that corrects vision of patients suffering from farsightedness, nearsightedness, and/or astigmatism. For perfect vision correction, you can contact Utah LASIK center in the State of Utah, which has a specialized team of optometrists and eye surgeons who are adept in performing the operation. However, before the surgery, you are asked for different postoperative visits. During these visits, you need to have a complete eye examination so that you are eligible for the LASIK surgery. In case, you do not fulfill a single criterion, then you will not be allowed to get the LASIK done. It is essential to get proper examination done so that you enjoy better vision correction, which is near to perfect in LASIK as compared to PRK.

Certain guidelines and eligibility criteria will all be clarified in your preoperative visits. The doctor will certainly give you clear specification as to what can be your vision correction criteria, if you wish to get LASIK done, when you visit him a couple of times before operation. You should be clear about the fact that your clear vision should fall within a certain acceptable range that can be corrected by LASIK laser surgery. It is significant to notice that your vision has not changed considerably within last 2 years in order to get LASIK operated.

If the changes are measured by the doctors and that doesnt fall within acceptable range, then you might not probably get LASIK surgery done. The doctors usually measure variations in vision through diopters, which is indeed the prescription degrees ranging within the scale varying -10.00 to +4.00 diopters, for sever myopia and hyperopia, respectively. If you have a normal eye vision, then your scale varies between -0.50 to +0.50 on diopter. Check out here, what are the diopter ranges falling within the scale of LASIK treatment:
Hyperopia (+0.75 to +4.00)
Myopia (-0.75 to -10.00)
Astigmatism (+/- 0.75 to +/- 4.00)

Preoperative visits are extremely important for patients. Patients are tested, guided and offered necessary advice on LASIK. Thereby, you should definitely plan for preoperative visits, in case planning to get LASIK surgery. Besides vision correctness, you will be also tested for cornea thickness and pupil diameter, to check whether LASIK eye surgery can be done or not. You should have cornea thickness to about 500 microns to get LASIK treatment. However, it can be greater but not lower, however, which is entirely dependent on the ablation depth (the kind of re-shaping required its depth and roundness) coupled with the diopter range.

The flap that is created by microkeratome is about 160 microns thick and each diopter that has been treated result in elimination of about 10 microns. You can be assured of healthy treatment when laser leaves about 250-300 microns thickness in the posterior i.e. behind the flap. If considering the pupil diameter, then it should not be more than 6.5 mm. However, with recent developments in the laser technology, patients with pupil diameter of about 8.5 mm can also undergo LASIK eye surgery.

Consider getting LASIK eye surgery from a professional surgeon. Contact Utah LASIK for preoperative visits and clarify all your queries.