Lasik Surgery

Time and time again patients come into the office to get their eyes checked. More and more people are relying on eye glasses and contacts to correct their vision. Young as well as those who are older are affected by this problem. Patients are looking for alternatives to correct their vision and often wonder about Lasik Surgery. They want to know if the surgery is right for them. Well, there are lots of things that the patient and doctor should discuss before making a final decision on the Lasik Surgery. Often, just explaining the procedure to the patient places them at ease while diminishing the fear factor.

Lasik Surgery or laser eye surgery is one of several surgeries used to correct the patients eyesight. Lasik Surgery is the most common term used for the procedure. Lasik is the term used for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis.

I know that many patients focus on recovery and wish to know if the recovery is long and painful. Well, I share with patients that Lasik Surgery is one of the safer eye surgeries and that there is very little pain associated with the procedure or recovery. Patients can look forward to a vast improvement in their eyesight almost immediately. Many report an improvement by the next day. After discussion, the patient’s eyes are usually examined to make sure that the procedure is right for them. After all there are some, who might not qualify because of certain preexisting health conditions. Usually an eye exam is performed in the doctor’s office. The doctor has to determine if the patient’s eyes are healthy enough to proceed with the surgery. Then the doctor must determine what type of eye correction is required for the patient. The doctor then focuses on eye problems that might need immediate correction before the surgery. The doctor performs a complete analysis of the eye for more information to determine if the surgery is a go ahead.

Patients often ask if the procedure is very complicated and will they miss work because of recovery time. They are surprised to learn that the patient might have the surgery at the facility in the morning and go home that afternoon. The surgery only takes a few minutes and the patient is usually awake during the procedure. Lasik is a highly skilled procedure and requires a highly skilled Lasik Surgery doctor. Fortunately, there are many more surgeons specializing in this procedure today.

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