San Diego Lasik Doctors Discuss Custom Lasik with VISX, Lasik surgery

In recent years, remarkable advancements have been made in the world of eye procedures to the point where it’s now possible to imagine a world without eyeglasses or contact lenses.  One of the emerging techniques that’s actually been in existence since the beginning of the wave of advancement is a procedure that’s known as custom Lasik.  San Diego surgeons can provide this procedure to patients, and below you’ll find a brief description of how this procedure has evolved and what is now available for those who are ready to shed their glasses and stop buying contact lenses and solutions.

Wavefront Lasik Eye Surgery

Wavefront Lasik eye surgery refers to a system of measurements that are taken on a patient’s eye before performing corrective surgery.  These measurements are taken in a three-dimensional context and are so precise that every possible detail that’s relevant will be planned before beginning a truly custom Lasik.  San Diego doctors are making more and more use of this technology to treat only what needs to be treated and to eliminate the possibility of exposing the eye to laser beams where they are not needed.  As a result, this precise pre-surgery measurement also tends to quicken recovery time because there is less of a surface area on the eye that needs to heal.

Custom Lasik San Diego – VISX Technology

As the world of Lasik surgery has advanced, the lasers used have become known for different brand names and capabilities.  That provides a high degree of quality choices for those considering a custom Lasik.  San Diego doctors have begun to make more use of one of the truly emerging brands of lasers that is known as VISX.

VISX is a type of laser technology that has been used in an estimated 4 million people around the world, and the results to this point have been extremely positive.  VISX is a brand that provides patients with a good chance of achieving 20/20 vision, reduces the chance that patients will lose visual quality or sensitivity to contrast.  Ultimately, the benefits provided by VISX technology when coupled with the reduced risk makes it the choice for many who provide this service to patients.

If you are ready to look further into what Wavefront Lasik eye surgery measurements and VISX technology can do for you, all you need to do is contact the professionals at Global Laser Vision today to schedule an initial consultation.

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